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RepRap machines are intended to evolve to the point at which they will be able to make a great majority of their own parts.

See Development Pathway. However, there are a few parts which it won't be able to make... at least for now.

In RepRap jargon, a vitamin (also called an "imported part" or "non-printed part") is anything that you need to make a RepRap, which a RepRap cannot itself make.

Currently, This list includes the following:

Simple List of Non-Printed Parts

  • Fasteners
  • Platforms

Beyond that, all of the structural and mechanical parts should eventually be printable with FDM Rapid Prototyping technology. Except perhaps the hand that assembles it... for now anyway.

Initially we were under the impression that, in order for everyone that wants one to have a RepRap, we needed to design "the" RepRap from "components that are available worldwide". More recently some researchers have been experimenting with the idea that maybe it would be better (lower cost, stronger, etc.) to have several different RepRap designs to adapt to whatever local materials are available --