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Holds the world together
Wikipedia Tape

Tape is obviously what holds the world together and why would it be any different with the RepRap-project? Kidding aside tape is mainly used as:

  • Bed surface for print adherence.
  • Leak proofing in hotends.
  • Electrical isolation.

Characteristics of various tape variations and their materials

Electrical isolation


Kapton (Need to move this to: a polyimide page ; section called polyimide films or the like as its a brand of dupont) Self-fusing silicone tape (source) See Also: Sodium Silicate more commonly known as Fire Cement for this application.

Kapton (polyimide)

See: Kapton Tape.

Blue tape

See: BlueTape

Merge and link BlueTape and so forth.

Brand & Suppliers

Brand & Supplier From Product Reviews & Additional Notes
Biltema EU Brand (Tapes): ->Reviews<-
Supplier (General): ->Reviews<-

N.B the differences between Supplier & Manufacturer/brand. Besides creating/clearing ground for consumer power thereby aiding the virus evolutionary socio/bio characteristics (aka you & your printer(s) and the rest of us), this way it's easier to reuse for other subjects here on the wiki. Please do as it's licenced under:

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