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CNC Couplings

High quality couplings are often made from Aluminium. Different types exist.

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Polymer Couplings

In several cases a sort of plastic tube have been used as a coupling between the motor shaft and the threaded rod.

Reprappro-mendel-z-axis-motor-tube.jpg from RepRapPro_Mendel_z_axis_assembly

  • aquarium tubing
    • silicone tubing 4mm inner diam. - 6mm outer diam.
    • polyurethane tubing
    • pvc
  • heatshrink tubing 3:1 ratio (12mm to 4mm) with adhesive
  • vinyl end cap from hobby rc cars 4mm inner diam. - 10mm outer diam. - 22mm long


As mentioned in this thread :,151801,151801