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Right now this a pilot program; we're still organizing machines and donations. And I need to redraft this page. --Sebastien Bailard 17:51, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

How to join if you'd like to donate a machine or a set of parts

Add the text "[[Category:Loaner Program]]" to a RUG wiki page or to your user page to add your loaner set to this page. And find someone and loan them a set of parts.

How it works

  • A would-be builder receives a set of loaner parts and uses these to build a RepRap. (The builder supplies his/her own hardware, electronics, etc.)
  • The builder produces at least one set of new loaner parts, which are passed on to the next would-be builder.


There are not a lot of rules, because it's the role of the local RepRap User Group to keep track of these matters. Especially the downstream would-be builders who are waiting for their set.

  • Remember that downstream would-be builders are waiting for their turn. The local RUG should set guidelines for turn-around time.
  • The set of loaner parts is gift from one part of the RepRap community to another part of the RepRap community. The local RUG can implement a refundable-deposit system to keep things moving, but the loaner system is not for-profit.
  • At its heart, RepRap is a compassionate act.

Other ways to help RepRap


It's a lot like a library book. When you're done reading it, the next few RUG folk want to read it.

When someone has their electronics ready, some plastic filament, and has all their other Vitamins (steel rods, fasteners, etc.) ready, you loan them the loaner set. Then you help them build it, or they go and build it, and so on, and they make a machine, and make a new set.

Then they bring that new set back to you, or maybe they are now "Official Keeper of the Loaner Set" for your RUG (however you like to work it). This is the new loaner set.

That's it?

Ummmm ... Please self-replicate responsibly? To make up a rule. 
(RepRap doesn't really "do" the whole Control-and-Ownership thing.) 
And we're frequently unclear on this whole business.
Or we wouldn't be giving away free 3D printers. --Sebastien Bailard 22:03, 18 August 2010 (UTC)


Who Donates Loaner Parts and Loaner Machines?

You do! Or rather the community does.

Sounds cool!!!! How do I get a loaner set, dudez???

If you are an active member of a RUG (RepRap User Group) and wish to take advantage of this approach, please contact Jmarsden or Sebastien Bailard. You may have to be patient.

What if someone doesn't bring back a loaner set?

Make a new set and charge the next borrower GBP40 to cover the cost of the plastic. Or get someone else in the RUG to do so.

What if I'm worried that someone won't bring back a loaner set?

You figure it out. You could request a large deposit, ~GBP400 or so. Then give it back when you get the loaner set back. Or do something else. Or have someone else be in charge of the loaner set.

Do I have to make two loaner sets and ship one to another RUG?

Please do if you would like to, it will help a lot. The previous person who checked out your set probably created two loaner sets rather than just one so we strongly suggest you do so as well, to give back to the commons.

Who makes all the other rules about what I do with my loaner set?

You and your RUG keep track of this.

It has been 3 Months and I have been unable to check out a loaner set! Being "patient" is very frustrating!!

Hmmm ... What Tooling Do You Have? Try building a WolfStrap, a simple wooden "bootstrap" machine. The smell of sawdust is good for the soul. And it beats waiting indefinitely.

Once you have a working WolfStrap, build a Mendel with it, and then donate the WolfStrap to the commons ...

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