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I'm Erik de Bruijn. I develop for the RepRap and have built myself two Darwins and a Mini-Mendel so far. The "child" machines' parts are produced by the earlier parent machines. I frequently give talks on the subject to spread the joy and inspire people to learn to create and learn what is so great about open source. I'm also researching the RepRap community to learn how open source hardware development differs from software, but might one day be as common or even more common and visible than OSS.


GPLv2+ designs by Erik on Thingiverse

Contributions (That need files)

Leo the Traveling RepRap

Erik has built a RepRap Darwin which is now a "Traveling RepRap" as part of the Loaner Program. It is hosted by a new person who prints a set and then it is passed on to the next person.

For more information:

  • Initial announcement on my blog: Erik's RepRap for loan!
  • Currently it is in Texel. It has also been in: Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Mini-Mendel for AltLab, Lisboa

I've printed a full RP set and provided most parts for a Mini-Mendel for AltLab, Lisboa. It's currently being assembled.


My company, BudgetDedicated is a firm believer in the strength of Open Source software and it strategically sponsors several FLOSS projects, such as Wine and... RepRap!


RepRap Talks

For more info, my Google profile is probably most up-to-date.

  • 2010-11 (Upcoming) Talk at Fourth Annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, FSCONS 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2010-04 European Space Agency (ESA). Representing RepRap together with Rhys Jones from Bath University. Topic: self-replicating flexible manufacturing tools and Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the space sector.
  • 2010-04 Speaking at SHiFT Portugal. Also hosting a tech workshop. Slides and comments, here.
  • 2010-03 MIT Innovation Lab, Talk on my RepRap and Open Hardware research at MIT Sloan School of Management,Cambridge, MA, USA (slides)
  • 2010-02 FOSDEM 10, Brussels (Demo. Talk by Adrian Bowyer)
  • 2010-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL.
  • 2009-11 NPOX new media festival (demo), Hilversum, NL
  • 2009-11 Innovation centered conference at Essent, Den Bosch, NL
  • 2009-11 The Emergence of Innovation Communities in Open Hardware, Nottingham University, UK
  • 2009-11 Media Ecologies, Salford University, Manchester, UK
  • 2009-10 PHILIPS Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Masterclass, Deurne, NL
  • 2009-08 Hacking At Random, On-stage demo during main track. Speakers: Adrian Bowyer and Neil Gershenfeld, Vierhouten, NL
  • 2009-06 Reboot 11 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2008-11 The Wikimedia Conference (Wikipedia), Utrecht, NL

Interviews / other coverage