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The goal of the Print It Forward project is to provide a system of low cost loaner printed reprap parts so that Rep Rappers far and wide can get to developing the future of the reprap project.


!ATTENTION!:It is the communities expectation that you will have purchased and debugged all necessary vitamins, electronics, extruder, and stepper motors in advance of participation in the Print It Forward program.(Do not set yourself/reprap community up for failure by ignoring this warning)

LIQUIDITY: Once you commit your name on the waiting list: it is expected that you will be able to make both deposit & interest payments within 72 hours of being contacted by a vendor. To avoid wasting vendor's time, please ensure that you can deliver on this commitment within 72 hours if contact is made at any time in the next 6 months.

Vendor Rental Agreements

To avoid cluttering this page: every vendor is encouraged to make a page outlining the terms of their standard rental agreement.

Effective date of these agreements will be the edit time where "In Stock" is modified from "Yes" to "No" on this page.

It is the responsibility of the vendor & renter to document any contract alterations they may agree to off-wiki. If such an agreement were to be properly documented: it would take precedent over the wiki page standard rental agreement.

Example Rental Agreement


Plastic Vendors:
Vendor In Stock Contact Deposit Checked out by When(MM/DD/YY)
JohnnyCooper Yes [email protected] $1,000,000,000 Vacant N/A
AynRand No [email protected] $2 AlanGreenspan 05/20/10
MontyPython No [email protected] $Shrubbery Knights of Ni 05/12/10
George No [email protected] $1000 Bill 06/01/10
Line Starts Here:
Date User Interest Bid
01/09/67 Waldo $5
06/06/10 Tiger $50
06/07/10 Bob $100
Successful Loans:
Date Vendor User Interest Bid
06/02/10 AynRand [email protected] $75
01/10/60 George [email protected] $19
01/09/60 AynRand [email protected] $20


  • The suggested deposit is a healthy premium on top of what the current market price is for a set of printed parts. This will discourage a rent to own mentality and will keep vendor parts in circulation.
  • All shipping should be certified delivery, and details not outlined in rental agreement should be worked out with vendor in advance.
  • Vendors are suggested to photograph/film plastic's condition as it is being packaged, and as the return package is opened
  • Renters are suggested to photograph/film plastics's condition as the package is being opened, and immediately prior to shipping.
  • Use tracking numbers
  • Follow Internet Best Practices: (avoid western union/escrow services & don't cash checks for people)
  • Money orders are recommended form of payment