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Jonathan Marsden

RepRap Admin since May 2007.

Primary system administrator for Reprap servers.

Built a set of Reprap v1 electronics, which worked to the extent of driving one small test stepper motor.

Mendel build Summer 2010

Build Status

  • Parts acquisition is almost complete, construction of bot in progress.
  • RP parts requested from Adrian 2010-05-27, printed 2010-06-20, shipped (airmail) 2010-06-21, arrived 2010-06-30.
  • Mendel hardware kit and PLA ordered 2010-05-28, arrived 2010-06-07.
  • Seeeduino Mega ordered 2010-05-28, arrived 2010-06-03, works out of the box, and is tiny !
  • Stepper motors ordered 2010-06-18, arrived 2010-06-23.
  • Thick sheet set purchased on ebay 2010-06-23, arrived 2010-06-28.
  • 4axis CNC stepper controller board purchased on ebay 2010-07-10.
  • Mendel belt kit ordered from UltiMachine 2010-07-12.

Personal Mendel Build Goals

  • Low cost (under US$500 if at all practical!).
  • Improve the mechanical build docs based on the experience putting them together.
  • "Very standard" Mendel mechanics (for ease of getting help with them!).
  • "Very reliable" extruder (so I can make parts sets).
  • Some experimenting with electronics and firmware is OK, esp. to reduce cost, as well as avoiding supply issues with the official electronics kits.
  • Make it work, and only then think about adding extras such as a heated bed.

Parts Acquisition


Stepper Motors


RP Parts Set

  • From Adrian -- this is where being a Core Team member is a huge win :)


  • Adrian's geared stepper driven design. ($??)
  • Will need RP extruder parts from somewhere, once I decide which design to build! (Adrian's parts come with Adrian's RP set, so this is now a solved issue).

List below is for Adrian's design, but not the new improved one with PTFE inside the brass. Update needed...

  • M3x10 4
  • M4x12 2
  • M4x20 2
  • M4x45 6
  • M4x55 2
  • M4 nuts 13
  • M4 wing nut 1
  • M4 washers 21
  • 624 bearings 3
  • M4 threaded rod 70mm
  • 4mm diameter rod 25mm
  • M4 insert 1 (Adrian will include this)
  • Strip-board 50mmx25mm
  • 4-way pin headers 2
  • 4-way ribbon cable 130mm
  • 16mm dia PTFE 50mm
  • M6 threaded brass 36mm
  • Thermistor 1
  • Kapton tape 200mm
  • Nichrome wire 6 ohms
  • Araldite rapid About 5 ml


  • PLA, natural, from Ultimachine. (US$50 for a 5lb spool)

Project Cost Estimate

Looks like US$471 plus shipping, plus unknown cost of the extruder parts and any necessary tools (to make an extruder). It is going to get very close to my US$500 budget limit, it seems!

2010-05-28: Spent $44.50 on Seeeduino Mega.

2010-05-28: Spent $266.30 on Mendel Hardware Kit and 5lbs PLA.

2010-06-19: Spent US$44.70 on 4 Lin Engineering steppers from Alltronics.

2010-06-23: Spent US$26.27 on thick sheet set from ebay.

2010-07-11: Spent US$76.50 on 4-axis CNC stepper controller board from ebay.

2010-07-12: Spent US$40.57 on Mendel belt kit, thermistor, etc.

Budget remaining: US$1.16 (not a lot!)

Things to Print (when it works)

  • A set of RP Mendel parts to sell, to get more Reprapping budget
  • At least one set of RP Mendel parts to give away, to ease my conscience (!)
  • A second set of RP Mendel parts for myself, as spares or for a second Mendel.