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A reprap built with Aluminum Extrusions for framing.
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Reprap Wilson is a descendant of the Prusa i3 style reprap. It also has elements similar to the Lulzbot Taz (particularly the Wilson II).

The main goal of Wilson was to replace the frame with one built from standard Aluminum extrusions (2020). Additionally, the design has a parametric build area, meaning it is relatively easy to scale the X, Y, and Z axis within reason. I've also made an effort to reduce the number of unique parts used as much as possible, and incorporated some other design ideas that I have tried on the Prusa i3 previously (monolithic Y ends, easy adjustment of the Z limit switch, integrated endstop holders, among others).

The standard BOM is for a 200mm³ build area (Wilson TS) and 200x300x200 (Wilson II).

Source files for Wilson can be found on github:

A community forum for the Wilson design is hosted here:

Build Variants

There are three versions of the reprap Wilson design, the newer Wilson II and two predecessors designated as the R and T Series, or simply RS and TS.

Wilson II

In comparison to the original Wilson design, the changes with Wilson II are:
  1. The smooth rods are all 10mm (vs 8mm)
  2. The upright frame consists of 7 aluminum extrusions instead of 4. This makes maintaining a rigid 90° between the Y-axis and the upright frame much easier due to two layers of extrusions.
  3. The default build volume is intended for a 20x30cm print bed vs 20x20cm, although the design is still parametric so either can be used.
  4. The Z axis uses lead screws (8mm diameter) instead of 5mm threaded rod.
  5. As a result of all of the above changes, the rod-to-rod spacing is not identical to the Prusa i3.
  6. Most of the plastic parts have been redesigned for both style and functional improvements, and there are some new accessories that can be printed including power supply mounting brackets for the frame, an AC power switch mount, and slide-on brackets for SMART LCD and filament mounts.

Wilson RS

The RS is the original model, with Round (R) threaded rods for the Y axis.
Advantages of the RS:
  • Less extrusions to buy, if you already have or have access to M10 threaded rod.
  • For the same print volume, the RS is shorter (Z axis), which results in shorter extrusions and Z axis rods.

Wilson TS

The TS uses T-slot extrusions for the Y axis (as well as the frame, like the RS).
Advantages of the TS:
  • A single type of framing element is used (2020 extrusion), which simplifies the BOM.
  • Better suited to longer Y-axis versions, because the extrusions have better rigidity over length than the M10 threaded rods.
  • Because the print bed is higher, there is room beneath the bed for a 12V PSU and electronics board.


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