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The parts list below is the default for Wilson RS, which uses all metric components and has a ~200mm x 200mm x 200mm build volume.

There is an OpenOffice spreedsheet in the github repository which will assist in generating a BOM for other build volumes.

Parts List

Mechanical Parts

Item Quantity Length / Note
2020 Extrusions (20mm square, t-slot)
Vertical frame piece (sides) 2 375mm 2020extrusion.png
Horizontal frame piece (top and bottom) 2 320mm
8 mm Smooth Rods
X-Axis 2 380mm M8smooth.jpg
Y-Axis 2 380mm
Z-Axis 2 325mm
Threaded Rods
M5 threaded rod for Z axis 2 300mm M10threaded.jpg
M10 threaded rod for Y axis 2 405mm
Belts & Pulleys
Y axis GT2 timing belt (w=6mm) 1 820mm
X axis GT2 timing belt (w=6mm) 1 930mm
GT2 pulley 2
Nuts & Bolts
M10 nuts and washers 12
M5 x 10mm machine screw 36 8mm screws will work too
M5 hex nut 2
M5 t slot nut 36
M4 x 20mm machine screw 6
M4 hex nut 6
M3 x 8mm machine screw 1
M3 x 10mm machine screw 11
M3 x 14mm machine screw 18
M3 x 30mm machine screw 7
M3 x 60mm machine screw 2 50mm ok if your springs are short enough
M3 hex nut 20?
M3 lock nut 7
M8 x 20mm smooth rod or grub screw 1

Printed Parts

Printed Parts – Required
X end idler 1 Wilson-x-idler.jpg
X tensioner 1 Wilson-x-tensioner.jpg
X end motor 1 Wilson-x-motor.jpg
X carriage 1 Wilson-xcarriage.jpg
Y bearing holder 4 Wilson-y-bearing-holder.jpg
Z motor holder, left
Z motor holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-motor.jpg
Z rod holder, left
Z rod holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-rodholder.jpg
Z endstop holder 1 Wilson-zendstop-holder.jpg
Idler bearing guide (pair) 2 Wilson-bearingguide.jpg
Extruder body and idler 1 Wilson-extruder.jpg
Extruder gear set 1 Wilson-gears.jpg
Extruder fan duct 1 Wilson-duct.jpg
Printed Parts – Required
Z rear bracket 2 Wilson-frame-rearbracket.jpg
Y end idler 1 Wilson-y-idler.jpg
Y end motor 1 Wilson-y-motor.jpg
Y belt holder 1 Wilson-y-belt-holder.jpg
Frame bracket 2 Wilson-frame-beam-bracket.jpg
Printed Parts – Recommended
RAMPS Electronics/Fan frame mount 1 Wilson-ramps-mount.jpg
Filament spool support 1 Wilson-filament-brackets.jpg
SMART display frame mount 1 Wilson-smart-brackets.jpg

Other parts

Everything Else
NEMA17 Stepper motor 5
Hot End (J Head) 1
MDF board (6mm thick) 1 230mm by 230m
MK2 Heat bed 1
Glass bed 1 3mm borosilicate
Controller (Mega/RAMPS, Rambo, etc 1
Endstop (limit) switch 3
LM8UU Linear bearing 12
608ZZ roller bearing 4
624 roller bearing 2
5mm to 5mm shaft couplers 2 Can also use 3/16" ID vinyl tubing
40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan 1
80mm x 80mm fan 1
Miniature zip ties 20
Extruder idler springs 2 High tension
Bed leveling springs 4 Lower tension
Power Supply 1 Depending on heat bed, probably a 400W ATX computer power supply
Dowel for filament spool holder (if using) 1 Approx 8" long, can also use a spare piece of M8 rod