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The parts list below is the default for Wilson TS, which uses all metric components and has a 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (XYZ) build volume.

There is an OpenOffice spreedsheet in the github repository which will assist in generating a BOM for other build volumes.

You can easily use other lengths of rods and extrusions if more convenient to source. I don't recommend trying to extend the Z axis up a lot though, because the stress on the lower frame mounts may become too much.

Also note that the Z axis lengths here were determined with my particular J-Head hot end, which sticks down about 40mm below the bottom of the extruder, and includes 3mm of glass on top of the heat bed.

Parts List

Mechanical parts

Item Quantity Length / Note
2020 Extrusions (20mm square, t-slot)
Vertical frame piece (sides) 2 400mm 2020extrusion.png
Horizontal frame piece (top and bottom) 2 330mm
Y axis piece 2 400mm
M8 Smooth Rods
X-Axis 2 370mm M8smooth.jpg
Y-Axis 2 400mm
Z-Axis 2 350mm
Threaded Rods
M5 threaded rod for Z axis 2 325mm M10threaded.jpg
Belts & Pulleys
Y axis GT2 timing belt (w=6mm) 1 850mm (start with 1m in case this is a little off)
X axis GT2 timing belt (w=6mm) 1 930mm (start with 1m in case this is a little off)
GT2 pulley 2
Nuts & Bolts
M5 x 10mm machine screw 51
M5 hex nut 2
M5 t slot nut 51
M4 x 20mm machine screw 7
M4 hex nut 7
M3 x 10mm machine screw 11
M3 x 14mm machine screw 24
M3 x 30mm machine screw 10
M3 x 60mm machine screw 2 These are for the hinged lever of the direct-dirve extruder. You may be able to use 50mm screws if your springs are shorter than 25mm
M3 hex nut 18
M3 lock nut 13
M3 washer 17 This number is approximate
M2 x 16mm machine screw 6 These and M2 nuts for mounting end stops
M2 hex nut 6

Printed Parts

Printed Parts – Required
X end idler 1 Wilson-x-idler.jpg
X tensioner 1 Wilson-x-tensioner.jpg
X end motor 1 Wilson-x-motor.jpg
X carriage 1 Wilson-xcarriage.jpg
Y bearing holder 4 Wilson-y-bearing-holder.jpg
Z motor holder, left
Z motor holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-motor.jpg
Z rod holder, left
Z rod holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-rodholder.jpg
Z endstop holder 1 Wilson-zendstop-holder.jpg
Idler bearing guide (pair) 2 Wilson-bearingguide.jpg
Extruder body and idler 1 Wilson-extruder.jpg
Extruder gear set 1 Wilson-gears.jpg
Extruder fan duct 1 Wilson-duct.jpg
Printed Parts – Required
Z rear bracket 2 Wilson-frame-rearbracket-ts.jpg
Y end idler 1 Wilson-y-idler-ts.jpg
Y end motor 1 Wilson-y-motor-ts.jpg
Y belt holder 1 Wilson-y-belt-holder-ts.jpg
Frame bracket 4 Wilson-frame-beam-bracket-ts.jpg
Printed Parts – Recommended
RAMPS Electronics/Fan frame mount 1 Wilson-ramps-mount.jpg
Filament spool support 1 Wilson-filament-brackets.jpg
SMART display frame mount 1 Wilson-smart-brackets.jpg

All other parts

Everything Else
NEMA17 Stepper motor 5 48mm height, "high torque"
Hot End (J Head) 1
MDF board (6mm thick) 1 230mm by 230mm Wilson-mdf-guide.png
MK2, MK2a, etc Heat bed 1
Glass bed 1 3mm borosilicate
Controller (Mega/RAMPS, Rambo, etc 1
Endstop (limit) switch 3
LM8UU Linear bearing 11 12th may be used if you put four in the X carriage (your option)
608ZZ roller bearing 3 Used for geared extruder only
624 roller bearing 3 Used for Y and X idler ends and one more for the direct drive extruder
5mm to 5mm shaft couplers 2 Can also use 3/16" ID vinyl tubing
40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan 1 This mounts on the extruder fan duct
80mm x 80mm fan 1 This mounts on the side of the RAMPS mount to keep it cool
Miniature zip ties 20
Extruder idler springs 2 High tension is preferred
Bed leveling springs 4 Lower tension is ok
Z axis adjustment spring 1 this can be the same spring as either of the other types.
Power Supply 1 ATX supply with enough 12V amperage for your heat bed, or dedicated 12V supply 20A or more (30A recommended)
M8 Hobbed bolt 1 If you are using the geared extruder
MK7 drive gear 1 If you are using the direct drive extruder