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BOM by build variant

Common Parts

The differences between the T Series and R Series builds are the Y axis parts (the ends and the brackets that connect the Y axis to the frame).

The X axis parts (X ends, carriage, and extruder) are not only common between each Wilson design, but are basically identical to the Prusa i3 components (extruder components specifically are identical to those from Prusa i3 Rework). The X ends have been modified somewhat to integrate the X end limit switch, a Z-stop adjustment screw, and the idler bearing was moved outward a little to give the X axis more usable travel. The distance between the X axis smooth rods, as well as the offset from the Z axis threaded rods to the Z axis smooth rods are identical to the Prusa i3.

The printed parts shown below are common to either R or T series Wilson:

Printed Parts – Required
X end idler 1 Wilson-x-idler.jpg
X tensioner 1 Wilson-x-tensioner.jpg
X end motor 1 Wilson-x-motor.jpg
X carriage 1 Wilson-xcarriage.jpg
Y bearing holder 4 Wilson-y-bearing-holder.jpg
Z motor holder, left
Z motor holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-motor.jpg
Z rod holder, left
Z rod holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-rodholder.jpg
Z endstop holder 1 Wilson-zendstop-holder.jpg
Idler bearing guide (pair) 2 Wilson-bearingguide.jpg
Extruder body and idler 1 Wilson-extruder.jpg
Extruder gear set 1 Wilson-gears.jpg
Extruder fan duct 1 Wilson-duct.jpg