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(Answer Template)
Usage Time Article Name Country Cost (& Shipping) (/£/$) Width Length Compared with Temperature Range Printed Material(s) Texture & Finish (Rough=1 & Fine=10) Sticks to bedmaterial(s) Reusable/Durable Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
Since 2011 Maskeringstejp, lätthäftande SE ~ €4.5/Local store 50mm 25m First tape. Ambient 17-30(?)c PLA 5/10 Glass for flatness baby! Very reusable! 7/10 Great stuff! Haven't used any other tape than this one, but on the other hand I have not had any incentive to look for alternatives.

-Danielpublic 17:25, 25 September 2012 (UTC).