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Live in the middle of Sweden, trainwise at least.
Think that RMS & Moglen are great individuals for doing the judo-work with "IP", it will be a great part of mankind's future.

RepRap (incoherent) ramblings

My interest for/in wiki stem from the conviction that documentation is all that draws any line between The Project and any renegade, commercial or not, offshoots that have difficulties with the Free flow of ideas and to a lesser extent recognise it's roots and the homage that one could argue, is due.

As I hopefully try to conduct myself in a manner that seems like a somewhat good way to go about things, well until one understand any better and share it, that is. I like to work with what I got and being recognised for the work well 'Hello GNU-FDLwiki/GNU-* ecosystem' and it's source/history thing.

My interest for/in The Project: The main idea that compels me is the one that, partly "thoughts over matter" but in the meantime, there will be interstellar travel within hundred years or so and truly self-sustaining communities/society's well before then. Hey, enough room for everyone in the system. I mean, we just think and live in the times we live in right? In fifty years lol's will be ensued by/of the "latest research" today; to quote a great thinker: "Yeah, well, you know that's just, like uh.. your opinion, man."

As there are more and moar, preciser questions asked along the road and with the tooling to boot, the emancipation of Free education, Free tooling and uhm.. "commoners" dreams and rooting for one's fellow man regardless of any political boarders and without upholding of the current culture/lifestyle at any cost, we're/it's not far of.

Now, since this project will force a economic upheaval for the current dominating dito culture, one needless to say needs to keep it to an upheaval. Hence, Free documentation aka education produced by Free thought, Free tools and Free means is truly needed as it's simply/blatantly put the RNA of RepRap. Now, evolution does it's own thing, but there is nothing wrong with a little helping hand here and there and you often know when your struggling against it. Neither society, oneself or anything else is what it is right? Most moving whatever becomes what it is and so to speak, "deserves" it, as those two French and German old somewhat sour farts, amongst others would argue.

As a (k)op(t)imist, although somewhat realistic, I'm but a result of the culture around me; aka Ideas quotes & "credz" where it's due. You know, Robin says: "But human nature.." when Batman introduces him to the School Of Hard Knocks and the words "Social construct!". No wikipedia ref. though, "teh fuck"?


Useful stuff



  • DarkRap; a series of highcontrast RepRap inspired GPLv3+ themes for any application/environment gui I use. (Less bling, moar done.)