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LaserCut Mendel Repstrap project

This Repstrap is cut from three different thicknesses of plywood, you may cut your own (if you have access to a laser cutter) or, you may buy a kit from llc.

*** Please note, until the instructions are posted here in the wiki, there will be no support for this project, if you choose to use the files before the instructions are posted, you are on your own, until that time!
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LaserCut Mendel

Release status: Experimental

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LaserCut Mendel RepStrap
CAD Models
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This page is the home page for this project, you should be able to find links to all files, instructions and videos needed to create a LaserCut Mendel of your own.

General Description

Really big example images with lots of descriptive text are a fun part of documentation.
The LaserCut Mendel was developed by llc. It was originally intended to be a 1:1 replacement for printed parts, however due the overly complex post-processing which would have been required, it was re-designed to be a replacement one axis at a time. In other words, you should be able to replace the LaserCut parts for any single axis with printed parts for that same axis and it should work.

If you are cutting your own, you need to know that there is some ADVANCED post-processing of parts with a router table and drill press. You will also need to build some jigs to perform the post-processing accurately.

The creation of the files represents over a hundred hours of work, so if you are not purchasing any items from TechZone, please consider making a donation to them so that they can continue developing and providing technical support for the RepRap community.

Description of Differences

Although the frame is essentially identical to the standard Mendel, there are some notable differences.

1. Hardware differences: The LaserCut Mendel uses far fewer m4X40 bolts (and less bolts in general), but it uses more of the m4X16 bolts. There are also 2 fewer bearings on the Y axis - technically you should be able to also leave these same bearings out of the original Mendel without impacting performance. We also use far fewer m3 bolts. We also need 8 pieces of 40mm X m4 studding

2. X Axis We have reduced the number of parts, and merged pieces, in order to simplify the assembly out of sheet goods. We also changed the way the bearings mount up, they now rely on the "spring" capabilities of the plywood to apply pressure to the smooth rods (we have done this on all the axis).

3. Y Axis The bearing mounts have been changed here (similar to the other axis). The "Frog" plate has been altered significantly to accommodate the new bearing mounts; if you intend to convert this machine to a true Mendel, you will need a "stock" frog plate.

4. Z Axis The Z Axis is probably the least changed, but requires the most post-processing of cut pieces.

5. Frame I mention the frame here so that no one thinks I forgot to mention it... It is relatively unchanged, and the pieces should be a near identical 1:1 replacement

Assembly Overview

Depending upon how you create/acquire your Pieces, there are several major steps to build your RepRap.

1. Acquisition of parts. Information on all the parts needed to build a LaserCut Mendel Repstrap, what to get, where to get them, or how to make them.

2. Raw LaserCut parts need a fair bit of post processing, with clamps, glue, a drill press and a router table to get to an assemble-able point.

3. Ready To assemble parts need assembly into the device shown at the beginning of this wiki article. Refer to the LaserCut Mendel Assembly page (which is currently a work in progress) and the LaserCut Mendel Assembly Blog.

4. Install electronics. You may also refer to unofficial electronics installation page.

5. Print something!

Video of axis moving


Video of printer working


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Source Files


The following files are the original design files, in CorelDRAW format.

This is all three of the CorelDRAW files in one zip.

Here are the three files in SVG, a more widely used and portable format.


Z Axis Motor Bracket