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FoldaRap Documentation


Some other ideas I wanted to try, or may try some days :

Dual hotend

Foldaslot double-bowden 3.jpg

FoldaRap 4 (planned)

  • belt driven Z-axis ?
  • single z-motor ?

FoldaRap 3 (planned)

Foldarap3 00.jpgFoldarap3 01.jpg

  • Y-gliders on the base frame ! (as tried a little before)
  • 2 RP parts in addition
  • remove the last 2 smooth rods and 3 lm6uu


FoldaRap 2.2

  • integrated endstop holder for X, Y, Z

FoldaRap 2

Folda2.0 vecto.jpgFolda2.1 vecto.jpg

  • major changes
    • X-axis use a PLA glider x-carriage (new x-carriage, x-ends, z-top, z-motor more rigid)
    • remove 2 smooth rods and 3 lm6uu
  • minor changes
    • threaded rods Z axis are now in the same plane than the Z gliders
    • endstop holder for t-slot = glue gun no longer needed for the Z stop
    • stronger hinges and z-motor-holder
    • save few vitamins

Vitamins :

5 m4x8 / x-belt-clamp (2), z-slider (2), z-endstop-holder (1)
5 m4 Tnut / x-belt-clamp (2), z-slider (2), z-endstop-holder (1)

Endstop holder

Foldarap 1.2 endstop-holder.jpg Foldarap2 endstop-holder Z 0.jpg Foldarap2 endstop-holder Z 1.jpg Foldarap2 endstop-holder Z 2.jpg then you can position it in Z

FoldaRap 1.1


  • major changes
    • y-carriage is now lasercutted instead of printed (stop loosing the linear bearing, perfect distance, but no more nut trap)
    • extruder motor is now fixed to nema14 while a PG35L was used before
  • minor change
    • printed parts have been simplified (removed the arrow shape that was hard to print with good tolerance to fit the extrusion channel, also more universal now), and reduced in volume (3mm general thickness, was 4mm)
    • and a lot of little things [1]

Printed Handle

Something I was reluctant to adopt since many handles for Ultimaker led to bad things, but after several request here is one ! Larger than the KJN injected handle (more comfort) and seems quite sturdy. It is derived from the FreeDeePee handle.

FoldaRap printed-handle.jpg

Store basic tools in the frame

Would be convenient

Foldarap tools-foot.jpg Foldarap hex-key-slots.jpgFoldarap hex-key-slots 01.jpg (using a lighter)

FoldaRap 1.0

Foldarap NB 409x453.jpg

Little things tried along the way :

Use plastic tubing for Z-coupling : adopted

Foldarap vinyl-coupling.jpg,151801,151837

Pro : cheap, 2 printed part in less, also 8 m3x20, 8 m3 washer and 8 m3 nut in less... interesting !

Cons : 2 more non-printed-part (you are still free to choose what you prefer)

Replace the M6 Z-threaded rods by M5 : adopted

Foldaslot x-ends with threaded-rods.jpg

With the above flexible coupling you can choose M5 or M6 with the same coupling.

Pros : use the same M5 nuts as on the pneumatic fittings (less different parts), finer z-step-mm, also easier to put in the tubing (-> maybe less grip on it).

Cons : M6 = faster z-speed (maybe less blobs at layer change ?)

Replace the steel stubs by aluminium plain rods : working

FoldaRap aluminium-rods.jpg

Cons : more prone to bend (but at 300mm and with our light loads...), need bushings

Pros : cheaper, lighter, easier to source, easier to cut, bushings makes less noise than lm6uu

Motor cooling

Add 30mm heatsinks :)

Foldarap motor-heatsink X.jpgFoldarap motor-heatsink Y.jpgFoldarap motor-heatsink E.jpgFoldaRap extruder passive-cooling.jpg

Print Cooling : working

  • Bowden-cooling 01.jpg Active cooling with a bowden tube pointing on the x-carriage and the print (e.g.: CDrom-motor-pump + cooling nozzle
    • Pros : very compact and very precise cooling, just another tube using the second head slot in a modified reprappro hotend
    • Cons : maybe easier to put a fan on the x-carriage
  • Have a look at this solution by Okatake : thing47573
  • Foldarap passive-cooling 01.jpg I finally implemented a passive cooling : thing52240
  • FoldaRap active-cooling04.jpg maybe a simpler solution for an active cooling thing84345

Replace the 6.8 ohm resistor ([email protected]) : working


By one with a lower ohm (e.g 3 ohm) or even a cartridge heater (12v-40w)

Pro: faster heat-up, allow higher temp (for abs)

Cons: more power consumption

Foldarap-hotend cartridge-heater.jpg (video using a 03mm nozzle)

Adding two LED stripes

Good for taking pictures or to print at a party

FoldaRap LED-stripe 01.jpgFoldaRap LED-stripe 02.jpg

Autonomous printing

  • Solar Powered Printing System [2][3]


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