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See this thread from the Wanted forum,158212 (or in FR) and this nice contest from Deuxvis :)

How to join ?

See also : FoldaRap_Buyers_Guide#How_to_replicate_a_FoldaRap_.21

If you want to join you must have a well calibrated printer. The quality test is as following :

  1. Print the 20x20 test part [1] and measure it with a caliper
  2. If the number looks good try it on a piece of 20x20mm extrusion (ask for a sample if you don't have one)
  3. If it can fit, try something harder : a hinge-inner
  4. Then a Z-top
  5. And as the most difficult part : a x-motor (it must slide without play nor friction)
  6. Ultimately you can send me the printed parts for a last verification, and I'll give you a note on three criterias
  • Quality : does the parts looks good ?
  • Precision : if the extrusion profile can fit with little or no force
  • Motion : if the part slide well on the profile

If the parts are good enough you'll be welcome to join the network :)

Google-group here :!forum/fdmn

Actual State of stocks/production

Check the google docs spreadsheet


The names in bold are those that sended me parts and who have passed a basic quality control.

Reprap From Print example Precision on the t-slot test (target : 20mm +/- 0,05mm) Additional notes
Pomalin France FDMn Pomalin test.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Japimpact France FDMn Japimpact test.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Xav83 France FDMn Xav83 test.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
BenBois Germany FDMn Wooz test.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Djamuka France FDMn Djamuka test.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Hughht5 UK FDMn hughht5.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Whoops France FDMn Whoops.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg -
Matthieu France, Caen FDMn mdebar.jpg FoldaRap P2Pedition 640x360.jpg [email protected]
Chemillé France - - FoldaRap 034
Ponpont France FDMn Ponpont test.jpg - -
Deuxvis France - 19,89 ça devrait être bon :)
Hugo France FDMn Hugo-print.jpg - partant
Raoullevert France - - bientôt en test
Gerald France - - Foldarap #007
Philippe France - casting rear-foot-left done
Vivien France, Metz FDMn Vivien test.jpg Quality : 3.5/5 Precision : 3/5 Motion : 2/5 contact
Mathias W. France - - -
Antoine V. France - - -
Levulcain France FDMn Levulcain-print.jpg - test en cours
Sylvain C. France - will be casted 2 parts (foot-rear) sent for casting
Labomedia France - y-idler FoldaRap #012
Nicolas E. France - - FoldaRap #021