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FoldaRap Documentation

This project was for myself, as I needed a RepRap that is easy to carry around and for the challenge of making a folding 3d-printer. But I believe in open-source and sharing and all the revolution behind that. Thus I try to well document it, in case others want to make one; to acknowledge all the things we own to those who went before, and to encourage those who come after to do the same.

On a more long-term view, I didn't planned to create a company out of it, I hoped to see it grow on itself in the wild, just by indicating how to source it, because I have more fun in designing stuff than marketing it. And after 500 machines and few other models for the industry, I'm back to that principle :)

"Ideas are like living things and breed happily in an open-source context" as I like to think ^^ (on the same spirit I like this comment from User:Adrianbowyer)

Bill Of Material (BOM)

2017-10-14 : With the FoldaRap 3.0 I will maintain the inventory in a Libre-Office datasheet. You can find it the github repo (here). I will progressively archive the BOM of the previous version below.

Total end cost for 1 machine : ~400-500€ when you include all taxes and shipping costs. Make group orders with friends if you can.


  • The bed can also be made of acrylic in case of a non-heated bed.

FoldaRap bed-plate 1.1.jpg


1 standard female cable - EU/C13 - UK RS6266739 / US RS7316163
1m of 18AWG wire (200mm red, 200m black, 150mm green) for the switch/plug/psu - Read also WiresAndConnectors
1 kapton film heater

Laser cut parts

Have them cut at a local FabLab/Makerspace. Or order them from my Ponoko/Sculpteo hub (need to be updated).

Printed parts

If you can print your own parts it will take ~500gr.

Material : PLA

Because some parts act as sliders on the aluminium profiles. You can print the other parts in what you want.

Recommended settings

Foldarap precision-needed.jpgReprapworld-black-print2.jpg

I recorded this little video where I'm playing with some parts freshly printed, to show what to expect about the tight tolerances.


The part that slide under it's own weight (16gr) have been slided back and forth a few time.