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Valentia Documentation
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Release status: working

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Valentia is a Case-Rap by David Sanz Kirbis
CAD Models
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open with spool


Valentia is a design by David Sanz Kirbis (aka. Dasaki) based in jlguisl's foldable [Case-Rap]. The name "Valentia" is taken from the name (Valentia Edetanorum) the original roman founders gave, in 138 BC, to the city in Spain where I'm living now: Valencia. Current stable pre-release is v0.3.


Plastic Parts (exc. Extruder) todo
Non Printed Parts (approx.) todo
Cost (USD) todo
Controller Electronics todo
Build Size (mm) 200 x 200 x 160
Motors 4 x NEMA 14, 1 x NEMA 17 Stepper
Frame Material 10mm Plywood
Frame Manufacture Basic Woodwork Tools
Printer Size (WxLxH mm) Printing: 400 x 500 x 440

Folded: 400 x 100 x 480

Weight 5Kg


jlguils' design was released under GNU / GPL license (as it is based in the design of the Mendel90, also GNU / GLP ), so I'm publishing my own variant under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.

From the original design only the general division / parts of the wooden structure is kept, but all measures changed and parts are custom designs to suit two of the goals: low volume and low weight.

Documentation of current stable versión v0.3 is ongoing, but sources (Sketchup Make file and configured Marlin firmware) are pre-released on the project's github.

Here you got some pictures:

open without spool front view left view right view top view back view handle/spool holder detail