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This is a new 3d printer (reprap) that is easily portable. It is based on mendel 90.

The main idea is that it doesn't fit in a suite case, it is a suit-case!

It is simple to build and not too expensive. It took me 12 h building and cost 350 CAD$

If you already know about wood work, It is very easy to build!

Open-closed.jpg IMG 5221.JPG

To see more pictures and information go to:


Here is the list of material I used to build my case-raps. I live in Canada, so I tried to use stuff from here, I mean imperial screws, rods, wood, etc. But if you live in europe for exemple, you can use metric stuff and build the same printer! In this case, I suggest to print all my .stl parts, but mendel 90's, x motor bracket, x idler, and extruder.

printed parts, 5/8 mdf board or plywood. (here it is sold as 4x8 foot, way too much) (It might be 1/2 in but you'll have to adjust the dimensions of you cuts.) piano hinges, or anything you have. 5 metal latches wood glue, hot glue gun 1 in 18 ga nail and gun, or anything else: wood screws, finish nails, etc) 5 stepper motors electronic: I used ramps 1.4 with arduino and lcd+sd electrical cables, To make it more "clean", I used 10 wires electrical cable 5/16 rods (buy 3 of 36 inches) but better if you can get real 8mm 10 lm8uuaj linear bearings or lm8uu if you have 8mm rods 1/4-20 threaded rod (buy 1 of 36 inches, it's enough) 4 1/4-20 nuts a set of belts and pulleys 1/2 or 5/8 wood screws 6-32 bolts nuts, and washers from 1 in to 3 inches 5 roller blades bearing (8mm in the center) Hot end, Heated bed thermistor 7 springs (for leveling, extruder, and z axis stabilisation) 3 micro switchs 12v 140W power supply (you'll need a less than 2 inches thick: a small one) a psu doesn't fit.

I did not prepare a detailled build instructions, but I droped on thingiverse my 2 .skp files. (It is for sketchup, if you don't have it, download "sketchup make", it is free.)

So there is the detailled mdf cut plan, and an other file where everything is "assembled", even printed parts.

For printed parts, they are almost the same as mendel 90, but with several changes. I decided to class them into categories so you don't get lost trying to know where it is supposed to fit.

Here is the link for building instruction of original mendel 90

before folding the printer, put the z axis to 165mm, and put the y carriage to the rear of the printer. Like this, the x carriage fits right between y rods.

Also, I recommend not to paint it because the paint sticks. Or put some oil where 2 parts are in contact.

And For the front panel, I recommend to put the hinges on the bottom side. So you don't have to hold it while position changes.

Sources, as originally published by the author: File:Case-rap File:Case-rap v4 stl and skp File:Case-rap 4.0 x-axis group with 8mm

Assembly instructions in french, as originally published by the author: