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Seemecnc h1

Release status: working

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CAD Models
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The SeeMeCNC H-1 design is based on the reprap Huxley. It is the first DIY-type 3D printer to use injection molded plastic parts. Our goal is to produce as many parts as possible with injection molded parts, effectively lowering the price into 3D printing, and turn to more conventional CNC technology, making it easier for newcomers to 3D printing and CNC machines. The H-1 is designed for standard SAE hardware. This includes the use of 1/4-20 threaded rods for the frame and Z axis lead-screws, 5-40 nuts/bolts for small sub assemblies, 10-32 nuts/bolts for others, and timing belts/pulleys designed around English units. Some other First's are dual-driven feed rollers, adjustable bearing backlash, dual resistor heating in the hot end, as well as compatibility with NEMA 11 up to NEMA 17 motors on all axes AND extruder.

H-1 Assembly Diagrams

Please feel free to add your own notes to the User Generated Build Notes Page: SeeMeCNC-H1 Build Notes.

Here is the complete official assembly manual (by:MHackney) File:H1Assembly.pdf

If you are using Mach3/EMC2, and have purchased the stepper board, standalone heat control etc..., here is the electronics assembly and wiring manual File:H1Eman.pdf

File:71590 Steves Extruder Assembly.pdf

File:71584 Y Axis and Z Axis Assembl.pdf

File:71583 Frame Assembly.pdf

File:71576 Z Axis Carriage Assembly.pdf

File:71574 Extruder Barrel Assembly.pdf

File:71579 Triple Bearing Sub Assembly.pdf

File:71578 Sub Assembly Double Bearing.pdf

File:71577 Combo Bearing Sub Assembly.pdf

File:71582 Z Axis Base Sub Assembly.pdf

File:71581 Rear Base Sub Assembly.pdf

File:H-1 Assembly Diagrams All of the assembly pdf's zipped up for download.

File:71580 Front Base Sub-Assembly.pdf

File:71523 Offset Support Rod Template SeeMeCNC.pdf

Build Notes

User generated SeeMeCNC-H1 Build Notes offer tips and advice you may find useful during your build


All of the hardware should be readily available at local hardware stores. The plastic parts can be purchased from or from someone who has printed the parts from the CAD files.

Some parts, like the PTFE tubing and electronics, have come from sources other than local stores.

High Temp Silicone for installing thermistor/resistors is a great way to make those parts easily replaceable if ever you need to. Permatex Ultra Copper works best, as it's suited for 700F temps. It remains flexible and can easily be scraped off and re-applied if needed, and it's non-conductive.


Approximate Build envelope is 6" X 7" X 6" Overall Machine Dimensions are appx. 18" X 18" X 12" Weight of machine with extruder and all motors installed (not counting any electronics) is around 10 lbs.

Injection Molded Parts makes our own tooling and injection molds our own parts

See below for all the .stl files of all the parts

Seemebearingplates.jpg Seemegears.jpg Seemezplate.jpg Seemepivoting.jpg Seemetable.jpg Seemezplate2.jpg Seemebearing.jpg Seemefeet.jpg

Printed parts

At this time, no one is printing parts for the H-1. Some have printed replacements/repairs as needed, using the below .STL files


SeeMeCNC is using Mach3 desktop CNC software for their machines, as well as RAMPS 1.4 and RAMBo by UltiMachine. Others have successfully used EMC2 on linux, as well as other RepRap electronics, such as Gen6, Sanguinololu etc...

They offer parts and hardware kits, as well as electronics packages for MACH3/EMC2 or RAMPS/RAMBo.

Note on the Velleman MK138 temp control board used with MACH3 electronics. If you are wanting to print in ABS, you will need to replace R5 on the board with a 10K-20K Ohm resistor to get up to 480+ F. The kit ships with a 120K Ohm for R5, but that will only allow up to around 400 F temps. An 18K resistor will allow over 500 degrees F, so I would recommend not going lower than that.

If you use a Velleman MK138 to control a heated bed, with the same Mouser 657-GC1396V-3-200 Thermistor as used in the Hot End, replace R6 with a wire jumper, to allow adjustment to the lower temperatures needed for the bed.

Seemecncstepperboard.jpg Vellmankit.jpg Seemeboards.jpg Steveshotend2.jpg

If you have the TB6560 driver board, you need to remove the opto-isolators and replace them with jumpers as shown in the photo below. This will fix any skewing, missed steps, and speed issues due to a low power parallel port on your PC Skewfix2 Circuit Mod.jpg

RepRap Software


Here's a link to johnoly99's (from SeeMeCNC) git repository. You can find firmware there that has been used/tested on their machines.

Johnoly99's Git

Repetier firmware/host

This section describes how to configure Repetier firwmare and Repetier host software to be used with the H-1. Some of the values provided are used for the H-1, but maybe used with any other 3D printer.

Hardware tested/used

  • Sanguinololu 1.3a w/Pololu step motor driver boards
    • Photo-interupter endstops
    • Nichrome heated print bed (custom design, but should support PCB and others)
    • Steve's extruder for the H-1 with NTC thermistor

Also note that Repetier host/firwmware considers home to be 0,0 (and of course Z should be extruder nozzle at print table height).

Slic3r with Mach3

As of version 7 of Slic3r, simply using the Mach3/EMC2 Gcode flavor under the printer and filament tab is generating great looking results. If you are running an easy driver for the extruder control, set Mach3 to use A axis, and in motor tuning, set your steps per to 293 steps/mm for a starting point(others have reported that 284 steps/mm works well), and speed to 100 with accel of 50 or so. That will get you close. Also, here are the start/end GCODE you need to fill in when using slic3r:

Start GCODE G00 G90 G54X0.Y0. G92A0. G21

End GCODE G90 G20 G92A0. M30

Those are good start and end Gcodes for safe mach3 programs. Also, if you are using the standalone temp controller like a velleman kit, you need to set the temp to 0 and first layer temp to 0 also, which will remove any Gcode related to temperature control that Mach may not understand.


H-1 machines use standard NEMA 11 through NEMA17 stepper motors. You need 4 motors total, 1 for each X, Y and Z axis, and 1 for the extruder.

NEMA17 steppers (4) provided in the kits are 4-wire 66.6 oz-in Wantai 42GYBH811, see specs at:


"Steve's Extruder", a gear-driven, dual-driven pinch feed roller design. It uses NEMA 11 through NEMA 17 stepper motors. The hot-end uses two 6.8 Ohm 3 watt wire-wound resistors, and 4K ohm @ 200C thermistor for temperature control. The gear driven unit has a gear reduction ratio of appx. 6.5:1.

Stevespinchrolls.jpg Mouser res pn.jpg Steveshotend.jpg Stevesex1.jpg Stevesex2.jpg Stevesex3.jpg

For Reference: If you put the (2) 6.8 ohm resistors in series, and run them at 24VDC, you will get the same power (42W) as using them in parallel at 12VDC. The thermistor used in the hot end is a part number 657-GC1396V-3-200 from Mouser Electronics and can be found here: Mouser Electronics and the data sheet can be found here: Data Sheet. The wire wound resisters used to heat the hot end up are RWMA-6.8CT-ND from DigiKey.

Timing belt

Timing Belts are XL, in 1/4" width.

X = 25-3/4" length, secured to rear of extruder carriage bearing blocks

Y = 41" length, secured to bottom of table

Z = 310XL closed loop (31" length)


The linear axes rollers use (stock) (32) Plastic Acetal molded bearings, or (custom) (32) R2ZZ (1/8ID x 3/8OD x .156W) ball bearings.

"Steve's Extruder" Uses (4) R4ZZ 5/8" x 1/4" bearings

Z axis support plates use (2) R4ZZ 5/8" X 1/4" bearings

In total, you need 6 R4ZZ ball bearings for the machine. IF you want to use ball bearings instead of themolded acetal rollers on the linear axis smooth rods, you will need 32 R2ZZ bearings to replace the acetal rollers.

Nuts and bolts

All hardware is standard inch units, except for stepper motor mounting, which are either 2.5mm or 3mm. 1/4-20 Threaded Rod 1/4" Drill Rod or similar(for linear rod, we ship kits with 304 Stainless Rods) 4-40 screws are used to hold the two metal hot-end plates together 5-40 nuts/bolts for sub assembly of linear bearing plates (1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1 1/4" bolts, and a total of 115 lock nuts in 5-40) 6-32 bolts are used to attach the hot-end, and the tension bolts in the extruder 10-32 are used on the idlers, 60 degree clamps and extruder single mounting bolt

NOTE on threaded rods, they are now shipped PRE-BENT as of 1/15/2012

To bend the 4 threaded rods(thanks, Yoyo): 1) Draw two lines on legal paper 3" apart. 2) Draw a 8.5" line connecting them 3) Take 9 nuts and screw them to the bottom of the threaded rod, all nuts abut each other and the last nut is flush with the end. 4) Take the 7/16" spanner, the same one you use for the other nuts and slide it about 1/4" above the top most nut. 5) Apply elbow grease and bend the rod until the angle matches that of the paper guide. 6) Repeat until done.

.STL Files

SeeMeCNC H-1 .STL Files
NEED PIC File:71501 60deg bar clamp.STL description
NEED PIC File:71505 Plastic Bearing 0125ID x 0375OD x 0156W.STL description
NEED PIC File:71506 Y Axis Motor Mount.STL description
NEED PIC File:71508 Bar Clamp 90 Degree.STL description
NEED PIC File:71511 Washer 0250id x 1063od x 0070thick.STL description
NEED PIC File:71513 Bushing 0250id x 0500od x 0460L.STL description
NEED PIC File:71514 Triple Bearing Support.STL description
NEED PIC File:71516 Triple Bearing Cover.STL description
NEED PIC File:71517 Double Bearing Support.STL description
NEED PIC File:71518 Double Bearing Cover.STL description
NEED PIC File:71519 Combo Bearing Cover.STL description
NEED PIC File:71523 Offset Support Rod.STL description
NEED PIC File:71529 Table.STL description
NEED PIC File:71531 Z Axis Bearing Plate.STL description
NEED PIC File:71532 X Axis Motor Mount.STL description
NEED PIC File:71535 Bushing 0190id x 0500od x 0460L.STL description
NEED PIC File:71543 Idler 0500id x 0750od x 0400T.STL description
NEED PIC File:71544 Timing Pulley 200XL x 0637 PD x 5mmSHAFT.STL description
NEED PIC File:71545 Timing Pulley 200XL x 1273 PD x 0250inchSHAFT.STL description
NEED PIC File:71547 Heater Head.STL description
NEED PIC File:71548 Heater Clamp.STL description
NEED PIC File:71550 Mini Extruder Drive.STL description
NEED PIC File:71551 Filament Guide.STL description
NEED PIC File:71552 Extruder Nozzle 0050mm.STL description
NEED PIC File:71554 Extruder Nozzle Mount.STL description
NEED PIC File:71555 Extruder Base.STL description
NEED PIC File:71556 Feed Tube Insulator.STL description
NEED PIC File:71559 Extruder Motor Mount.STL description
NEED PIC File:71560 Drive Idler Left.STL description
NEED PIC File:71561 Drive Idler Right.STL description
NEED PIC File:71562 Gear 10T 0500PD.STL description
NEED PIC File:71564 Drive Mount.STL description
NEED PIC File:71565 Gear 28T 1850PD.STL description
NEED PIC File:71566 Gear 15T 0950PD.STL description
NEED PIC File:71569 Gear Combo 15T 28T.STL description
NEED PIC File:71570 Tensioner.STL description
NEED PIC File:71573 Tension Bar.SLDPRT.STL description
NEED PIC File:SeeMeCNC H1 STL ALL above files, zipped up for download
NEED PIC File:71622YAxisBeltClamp BETA.stl NEW printable and adjustable belt clamps for the H-1 AND H-1.1

Ongoing development

Yahoo Groups page, compliments of Andy

Now, the forum replaced the Yahoo Group (but lots of info are on the yahoo group):