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Prusa Mendel Documentation


You will find a list of 24 videos on this page. Each video was created to demonstrate the assembly process for the Prusa Mendel Iteration 2. It was intended to show every step from beginning to end without cutting out any parts. Thus the recordings account for 8 hours of videos. The videos may show more than you need, but that's alright, just skip to what you need to see. Also, the videos are in full HD (1080P), so if you have trouble seeing a detail, switch the quality setting.

Here is a video showing the parts and tools you'll need:

Frame Sides

Frame Front

Frame Rear

Frame Top

Frame Tightening

Y Axis


Y Axis Belts

X and Z Axis

Z Axis


Heatbed Thermistor

jhead Hotend


X Carriage

X Axis Belts

End Stops

Printrboard Part 1

Printrboard Part 2

Printrboard Software

Ramps 1.4 Software

Bed Height Calibration

Stepper Motor Calibration

Extruder and First Print

Note from author

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who contributes their knowledge to the RepRap community. I hope this video series is helpful to those starting out in this hobby. This was the best way I knew how to give back. :)

I spent about 2 months working on these videos. I worked under 2,000 watts of lights. It was very hot. I took lots of breaks and drank lots of water. There were a few videos which I accidentally deleted and I had to dismantle the RepRap to rerecord them. :) I was quite happy when it was done although my perfectionist side wanted to do it all over again. :)

If you happen to see something that should be corrected, please let me know.  :) I want to be accurate. I'm willing to rerecord.

Thanks and have fun!