Gen7 Board 1.4 ZA-Printrbot

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A work in progress:

The idea is to take Traumflug's wonderful Generation 7 Electronics, lay it out in Eagle for ease of use between hobbyists.

I also shrunk the board to fit inside a Printrbot frame and have onboard USB.

Files are still work in Progress. As of Jul 10, 2012, the USB section still needs to be laid out.




(This should work fine with many RepRap and RepStrap 3D printers, not just the Printerbot).


Does anyone have suggestions for name better than "Gen7 Board 1.4 ZA-Printrbot"? (See the instructions at Electronics Naming Conventions for tips). Suggestions so far:

  • ATmega644-Viridian-Ostrich
  • ATmega644-Verdigris-Chakalaka