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RepRap tends to use chipname-color-foodstuff nomenclature when the developer in question doesn't already have a good name. (For their electronics, we mean.)


Electronics Naming Conventions

This is a Library Policy Proposal. Let's think about it for 
a few years, and then maybe have a vote. Then we'll have 
Jolly Good Fun watching people who like the idea to try 
to make other people follow their new rule set(s). 

The important thing is to have a system, after all.
--Sebastien Bailard 06:58, 7 September 2010 (UTC)


The goal of this page is to categorize and organize RepRap electronics releases with a standard naming convention that is similar to how RepRap's are named. As this is written (09-06-2010) the current standard is "Generation n" where n is an positive integer that is incremented by one for each release AKA Gen. 2, Gen. 3, etc.

Starting list (unordered)

Suggested release name in parenthesis.

Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (Volta)
André-Marie Ampére (Ampére)
James Prescott Joule (Joule)
Georg Simon Ohm (Ohm)
James Watt (Watt)
Nikola Tesla (Tesla)
Thomas Alva Edison (Edison)
Charles William Siemens (Siemens)
Charles-Augustin Coulomb (Coulomb)
Michael Faraday (Faraday)
Joseph Henry (Henry)
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz(Hertz)
Guglielmo Marconi (Marconi)
Benjamin Franklin (Franklin)
Samuel Morse (Morse)
Thomas Seebeck (Seebeck)
Alexander Graham Bell (Bell)
Albert Einstein (Einstein)
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (Kelvin)
Alan Turing (Turing)
Alfred Russel Wallace (Wallace)
James D Watson (Watson)
James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell)


Figure out order. (Alphabetical, DOB, discovery date)?
Define what qualifies as important enough to be added to the list.


http://www.eleceng.adelaide.edu.au/people/profiles/famous.html http://www.code-electrical.com/historyofelectricity.html


RepRap's Entrepreneur-Developers like Camiel who's doing up the Generation_6_Electronics, think it is Jolly Good Fun to keep using Generation N as a name.

Unfortunately RRRF-Thingiverse is now developing in secret, which makes it even more difficult to cooperate with them. However, RepRap needs to keep playing fairly; in order to prevent a namespace collision with RRRF-Thingiverse we should make sure folk like Camiel only use even numbers. He and other Entrepreneur-Developers should be fine with that.

We're not really here to try to impose rules on folk, so maybe we shouldn't worry about it? Beyond trying to make sure N is even?

Existing Electronics Nomenclature System

Each board gets a unique RepRap wiki page. This system seems to work remarkably well, and requires little to no work to maintain.

It would be nice if people start put the URL on the Board. May try to enforce this. --Sebastien Bailard 07:10, 7 September 2010 (UTC) See House Style.

Extremely Pedantic Consideration

It may be Silly to name a board "The Volt". Especially once that board starts versioning, we'd have the 5.0 Volt, the 9.1 Volt, etc.

Or perhaps adding the traditional v1.2, v1.3 convention i.e. (Volt v1.2)

It may even develop to the point where, for example Tesla = RepRap motherboard v5.x, Volt = RepRap motherboard v6.x, etc.

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