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Reviews for: ProtoParadigm (Template)
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Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
date ABS HDPE PE PLA PP PVC shape Xmm Ymm Zkg ???kg xyz/kg - shipping x/10 Notes


May 2013 ABS round 1.75mm Ymm 2lb ??? $38/2lb - reasonable UPS, about $10 for 3lb x/10 I haven't printed with it yet, but the only comments so far are that it was well packaged, and the weight is indeed 2lb, not 2.2lb. Came from Oregon.


March 2014 ABS round 3.0mm 2.9mm 1kg ??? - 5/10 Diameter was good and the spool was fine, but I had to crank the heat way up or I got lamination. He sent me a replacement but that wasn't any different.