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Doré's The Confusion of Tongues


This page is intended to allow people to construct their own view of the RepRap website.

The RepRap Wiki is big, and - let's face it - it could be better organised.


This is the place to do that organisation.

Personal Indices

Simply create an entry for yourself (I've started mine below - Adrian's RepRap Index) and then construct an index rooted on your page. This could be as simple as a dump of your browser's bookmarks for RepRap, or it could be an annotated tree of pages linking into the parts of the site that you find important, or it could be an entire portal into RepRap with your own design of front page.

You can then bookmark your index when you've constructed it as "My RepRap" or whatever and be able to dive directly into your own view of the project. But - unlike private browser bookmark collections - others will be able to benefit from your preferences and insights.

The links don't just have to be into the RepRap Wiki - they can be into the RepRap Blog too, the Forums, or to other sites. Also, feel free to copy each other's indices and to embellish them. Unlike the rest of the Wiki, though, please don't edit people's indices without first asking them.

Themed Indices

These are the same as personal indices, but they are open for everyone to edit, and they are about a particular subject. Here are some examples:

or you can always edit the Glossary.

Join Now!

Add your index to this page by adding this:
[[Category:Indices]] to your page.

For the moment, we will just have a list. But after a while we will consider how best to rank them by popularity and usefulness.

- Adrian