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See also Talk:J-head_lite_v2.

I'm flagging this page for removal as this user was banned from the reprap forum for bad and offensive behaviour which has continued to this day with multiple accounts discuss below: - thejollygrimreaper

Maybe Mr. Ohioplastics tends towards more offensive discussion practices (can't really judge this, didn't follow him enough), still I see valueable and non-offensive information contributed to this page. If he's a poor discusser but a talented designer/engineer, he has my full support to publish his work in this wiki. --Traumflug (talk) 03:33, 30 April 2014 (PDT)
its more about removing his reason to keep returning and in the case of the forum under a different name, the more recent "jhead-lite v2" page reads more like an ad than it does an informational resource both pages also lack drawings of any kind - thejollygrimreaper
Here is a short list of reasons for which Mr. Ohioplastics was banned and remains banned from the reprap forum:
  1. When people criticized his products and attitude, he responded with personal attacks, insults, and bizarre, rambling rants.
  2. He repeatedly posted irrelevant, offensive messages.
  3. When the admins deleted these posts, he made multiple new posts calling the admins "nazis".
  4. After being banned, he continues to troll the forum with offensive posts using dozens of aliases.
  5. He sends hostile crazy-sounding emails to the admins.
You can read more details in this forum thread. His disrespect and hostility toward the reprap community is evident in his own writings in that thread.
That said, the technical content of his J-head lite v2 page is acceptable by RepRap Wiki standards (which isn't necessarily saying much). I am fine with leaving the page up, but I think readers also deserve to see a link to some of his rants. They can decide for themselves whether or not he is a person they want to do business with. MattMoses (talk) 21:03, 4 May 2014 (PDT)