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Prusa Mendel

Release status: working

SAE Prusa Mendel is an offshoot of Prusa Mendel.
CAD Models
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SAE Prusa mendel is an offshoot of the Prusa_Mendel, only difference currently is it only uses 1 screw size (SAE #6 instead of metric M3 and M4),and only uses 608 bearings. Spacexula did the conversion, and is currently trying to maintain this branch.



The Prusa Mendel is on hosted github:

You can follow the changes on Changelog

You can sign up for github for free and fork the project to begin working on it.


Bill of Materials

SAE Prusa Mendel BOM is slightly different than Metric Prusa Mendel, but as close as possible

(in works, not complete yet)

Printed Parts

6x frame-vertex       RP
2x coupling           RP
3x endstop-holder     RP
1x x-carriage         RP
1x x-end-idler        RP
1x x-end-motor        RP
1x y-motor-bracket    RP
2x z-motor-mount      RP
4x belt-clamp         RP
8x bar-clamp          RP
2x rod-clamp          RP
2x pulley             RP

Bushings & Bearings

12x pla-bushing        RP-PLA
*12x brass bushings 6391k163 + 12x bushing holders    RP any material  
3x 608 Bearing  5972K91 (McMasterCarr is somewhat overpriced) 

Guesstimate of other parts: ("vitamins")

1 box (100) 5/16" nuts  95462A030 1
1 box (100) 1/4" washers 90126A029 1 (Yes, 1/4" washers fit over a 5/16 rod, and the 5/16 washers are too big for some areas of mendel.)
1 box (100) #6 washers 90126A509  1
1 box (100) #6-1" screws 90272A153 1
1 box (100) #6 nylock nut 90631A007 1
1 box (100)5/16" Fender Washer  91090A111 1 
1 box (100)  M3x10 bolt  92005A120 (Motor Mounting)
2280 mm ~90"/ 7.5' Neoprene Belting .200" Pitch, 1/4" 7959K24 1 (No need to split belts, no continuous Z axis belt)
  Belt 1- 870mm ~34.25"/ 2.8'
  Belt 2- 1410mm ~55.5"/ 4.7'
3x 3ft smooth rod 8893K41 (Do not get Galvanized Rods, they are much rougher)
  (Use Standard Mendel lengths for cutting 495x2 406x2 and 330x2)
   These rods are also cut (by you) to the following sizes,  in mm
       Rod1: 495mm,330mm                 19.5",13"  495mm seems too long on my build, try 5-7 cm shorter [-Bryan]
       Rod2: 495mm,330mm                 19.5",13"
       Rod3: 406mm,406mm                 16",16"
7x 3ft threaded rod 98841A030 7
   The rods are cut (by you) to the following sizes,  in original sizes in mm or for the SAE purist who wants to avoid
   little bits at the end, to the left are "close enough" lengths in inches that will minimize number of cuts.
   (Note: Cut one of the threaded rod sets listed below, not all!)
       Rod1: 440mm,440mm              18",18"
       Rod2: 440mm,370mm,50mm         18",15",2"
       Rod3: 370mm,370mm              15",15"
       Rod4: 370mm,294mm,210mm        15",12",9"
       Rod5: 370mm,294mm,210mm        15",12",9"
       Rod6: 294mm,294mm              12",12"
       Rod7: 370mm                    15"
   At Lowes in my town you can get 4 ft length allowing you to combine Rod7 and 3 into 1, 4 foot rod, or you could
   use 3 four foot lengths and 2 three foot lengths for a less wasteful (and probably cheaper) set as follows: 
       3' Rod1: 440mm,440mm              18",18"
       3' Rod2: 440mm,370mm,50mm         18",15",2"
       4' Rod3: 370mm,370mm              15",15",15"
       4' Rod4: 370mm,294mm,210mm        15",12",9",12"
       4' Rod5: 370mm,294mm,210mm        15",12",9",12"
   At my local Menards or Ace Hardware 6 ft rods are cheaper than McMasterCarr (or anywhere else).  Get three of them:
       6' Rod1: 440mm,440mm,440mm,370mm,50mm         18",18",18",15",2+"
       6' Rod2: 370mm,370mm,370mm,370mm,294mm        15",15",15",15",12"
       6' Rod3: 370mm,294mm,294mm,294mm,210mm,210mm  15",12",12",12",9",9" + extra

4x 7/16" x ~1" springs (optional, or from a spring loaded pen)
1x Wade's Geared Extruder (or any other compatible extruder)
5x Nema 17                NEMA Stepper
1x standard Mendel electronics + endstops. This can be RAMPS,Pololu Electronics,Gen6,Gen3,or anything else compatible

(The Prusa Mendel uses the 4 drivers in the standard Mendel electronics package to drive 5 motors by using "two steppers wired in parallel to one driver"[1]).

Printed Parts

Printing a Prusa on a Mendel

An easier option then individually printing each part if you are printing Prusa on a RepRap Mendel is the pre-assembled build file containing the Prusa parts. With this option you only need to print the Mendel plate and 3 of the PLA bushings to get a complete Prusa Mendel:

Printing a SAE Prusa on a Makerbot

Production files uploaded to Thingiverse at [2]


Printing a Prusa on anything else

Last but not least, if you have a machine that doesn't fit into any of the previous options all the .stl files necessary to print a Prusa Mendel are available on the PrusaMendel Github where you can download them and print them individually.


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This needs some work by someone familiar with Prusa, for now though you can at least use the images bellow to identify each part in the design and then try every possible combination until it works.






Parallelnes of rods is ensured by the teardrop type of holes for rods plus securing bolts from bottom (there is nut bracket inside the part). By pushing the rods upside, they will self center.



Universal Bar-Clamp



I use my mod of Vik's vertexes, slimmer, same sturdy as original :-)


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