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I am Neil Underwood (email at [email protected]), a RepRap Developer, and owner of a Makerbot #469, 1 Mini-Mendel and 1 Mendel.


Shared Content

I blog at RepRapLogPhase

I post videos at The RepRap log Phase Channel

I post small projects over at My Things at Thingiverse

Interesting Projects

1st set of "Production files" for Mendel and Mini Mendel

1st 1 sheet sets of Mini and Mendel

1st Printable Horizontal Filament spool based off the Maker bot Spool (Tony Buser improved and finished the design though, and did documentation)

1st Calibration guide for the Makerbot which included test prints.

Loaner Program

To date I have loaned :

2 Wades Extruder

1 Printstruder

1 Set Mendel Gears

If you need something don't hesitate to ask, worst I can say is no.

Sold RP Parts

4 Mendel RP sets

1 Mini Mendel Set

I only sell enough to fund the hobby.