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Ball bearing


Ball bearing are used for low friction movements across an axis.
Wikipedia Rolling-element bearing

A ball bearing is a bearing used for low friction movements across an axis. They are cheap and widely available, mostly from the skateboard industry.


Ball bearings are usually closed and have their own lubrication, so no additional lubrication is needed.


The first digit of the model name refers to the kind of bearing, the second digit to its robustness. The third digit is usually the bore size in mm. Then follows the bearing type letters.


There are several types of ball bearings:

Abbrev. Type Notes
Z Shielded, single  
ZZ Shielded, double Sufficient for most RepRaps.
RS Sealed, single  
2RS Sealed, double For keeping out generated dust and grit (e.g. from a Milling and Drilling Head)
V Non-contact seal, single  
VV Non-contact seal, double  
DDU Contact seals, double  
NR Snap ring and groove  
M Brass cage  


The most common ball bearings are:

Abbrev. Inner D. Outer D. Thickness Notes
608 8 mm 22 mm 7 mm A common roller skate bearing used extensively in RepRaps.
688 8 mm 16 mm 5 mm  
686 6 mm 13 mm 5 mm  
626 6 mm 19 mm 6 mm  
625 5 mm 16 mm 5 mm  
624 4 mm 13 mm 5 mm  
623 3 mm 10 mm 4 mm  
603 3 mm 9 mm 5 mm  
633 3 mm 13 mm 5 mm  

The 608 size ball bearings in particular are extremely low cost. Their 8 mm bore size almost forces us to mount them on:

They will need shims to fit snugly on threaded rod. Thin aluminum (pop cans) often works.

The 626 size ball bearing have a 6 mm bore size. We can mount them on:

The 624 bearing have a 4 mm bore size. We can mount them on:

The 626 and 624 bearings seem to cost more than 608 bearings, but M6 and M4 bolts and threaded bar cost less than M8 threaded bar and bolts, so it's almost a wash.


Vendor From 8 mm 6 mm 5mm 4 mm 3 mm Additional notes
Alfa-Tech3D DK 608RS 608ZZ
From 1 pcs. Delivered Worldwide.
Folger Technologies, LLC US 608Z 626Z 625Z 624Z 623Z Offers various other bearings, high quality, and fast shipping.
3D Acessories Hub IN 608z Bearing     624z bearing    
Charlie's 3D Technologies BE 608ZZ     624ZZ NE 608ZZ     624ZZ   High Quality Miniature Ball Bearings for Reprap 3D Printers. Sells per 1 piece / 10 pcs / 60 pcs - Cheap International Shipping.
RobotDigg CN 608ZZ 626ZZ 625ZZ
624ZZ 623ZZ  
FunReprap France FR 608RS
626ZZ 625ZZ 624ZZ 623ZZ
Envoi Rapide tous les jours pour toute l'Europe. D'autres references disponibles, Roulements à billes ou linéaire LM6 - 8 - 10 - 12 UU - 16014 etc...
Paoparts FR 608ZZ 626ZZ   624ZZ 623ZZ
Reprapsource DE 608ZZ     624ZZ    
RepRap Kits UK 608ZZ     624ZZ    
3DMakerWorld US 608ZZ          
BOCA Bearings US many many   many many  
VXB Ball Bearings US many many   many many  
D&D-TOP Bearings CN many many   many many VN 608ZZ 626ZZ 625ZZ 624ZZ 623ZZ  
Makeralot CN 608ZZ 688ZZ
686ZZ 626ZZ
625ZZ 695ZZ
624ZZ 634ZZ
Shipping worldwide. Also available 6900ZZ 10x22x6mm Ball Bearing, 16014 Ball Bearing, etc.
Technobots UK 608ZZ
RepRap Portugal PT 608Z 626Z 625Z 624Z 623Z Dedicated Portuguese community, we also establish connection between the Portugal local sellers.
CIE Auto Source CN many many   many many  
Wholesale Skateboard Bearings US 608SS         Minimum 80 pcs.
Imprimante 3D France FR 608ZZ
608ZZ (10 pcs)
626ZZ (10 pcs)
624ZZ (10 pcs)
623ZZ Paris area. Also available: MR105ZZ (5-10-4), 6700ZZ, MR126ZZ System Engineering GmbH DE         533Z IN 608Z
 AU 608ZZ
  Sell individually or in packs. Fast $2 shipping within Australia for small orders.
Makemendel IN 608
  Sell worldwide.
Think3dPrint3d UK         623ZZ
Sell worldwide.
626ZZ 625ZZ 624ZZ 623ZZ Ship to worldwide.

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