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Death Star is my first 3D Printer. Iteration is a Prusa Mendel 1. The construction process was long. Even had virtually no experience in the assembly and it was printing slowly parts Mother and once had and the parts needed for the next step was buying the necessary equipment (rather me ahead to buy the hehehe material) for further assembly. It's been pretty I started printing my first piece and have many memories ... few hours Friday afternoon after work looking like Mother inverted printed parts Death Star, while chatting with the people who were there, teachers, students ... Thanks to the help of everyone who helped me and especially Objuan! Thank you very much !!!


  • Icono premio.png El primogénito: Es el primer clon Hijo de MADRE :-)
  • Icono premio.png Es el segundo Jedi-Master. El segundo clon en imprimir un juego completo de la Prusa 2



Clon-Deathstar 2012-01-07 1-r2.jpg
  • Nombre: Death Star
  • Familia: Prusa_Mendel_(iteration_1)
  • Generación: 1
  • Material: Plástico ABS
  • Color: Blanco, Naranja, Amarillo y negro
  • Impresora Progenitora: MADRE
  • Electrónica: RAMPS 1.3 + Arduino Mega 2560
  • Firmware: Sprinter
  • Extrusor: Wade's extruder (plástico de 3mm)
  • Hot-End: Arcol v3.0. (Aguja de 0.5mm)
  • Nacimiento: 06/Enero/2012 (primera pieza impresa), a las 22h
  • Constructor: Fernando Salceda (Klonando)





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