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Wood-D Extruder Drive

Release status: working

Just another wooden bowden extruder for 3D-Delta-Printer (Open Source Project)
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Wood-D - Just another wooden 3D-Delta-Printer (Open Source Project)

Wood-D Extruder Drive is a simple bowden extruder based on LASER cut plywood or MDF or acrylic for 1.75 mm filament.

Wood-D Extruder Drive

Design Objectives


Principle Bowden extruder like Wade's Geared Extruder
Construction LASER cut 4mm plywood or MDF (1 piece 102 x 295 mm) (also acrylic can be used)
Drive Gear driven hobbed bolt with NEMA 17 stepper motor
Filament for 1.75 mm (Little redesign for 3 mm)
Dimension 100 x 60 x 32(+Gears) mm


Based on the LASER cut constructive parts you get a very high precision while easy to assemble.

The plywood parts/puzzle are hold together with key and slots and a little bit of glue. Due to the box design with cross bracing the stiffness is very high.

All non-plywood parts are standard industrial parts you can be bought from online shops or eBay.

Easy assembly - only drive shafts and threaded rods have to be sawed.

Necessary tools: LASER cutter (visit a FabLab/Hackerspace in your area), hand saw and file for metal, screw drivers, gripper, cutter, soldering iron



LASER cut 4 mm plywood or MDF or acrylic


Hobbed bolt M8 x 60 (as in Wade's Geared Extruder) OR a hobbed shaft with M8 on both ends.

By now you can even get industrially made shafts of hardened steel.


Use standard industrial gears OR RepRap printed gears from e.g. Wade's Geared Extruder or Greg's Hinged Extruder or other derived variations

Note: You also find sources for printed gears on thingiverse.com like the High Resolution Herringbone gears for Greg's Wade Reloaded extruder

The effective gear distance can be adjusted between 37.5 and 42.5 mm by sliding the motor.

The different gear types needs different ratio settings in firmware

Example: Marlin firmware with 6.0 mm effective shaft diameter)
#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 80, 80, (200*16) / (6.0*3.14) * XXX }
Type Module Gears Ratio Eff. Dist. Example XXX Comments
Industrial 0.8 72 / 24 3.000 38.4 mm (72/24) The 72 tooth gear has to be widened from 6 mm to 8 mm or M8 (6.8 mm core)
Industrial 1 64 / 12 5.333 38 mm (64.0/12.0) The 12 tooth gear has to be widened from 4 mm to 5 mm for motor shaft
Industrial 1 64 / 18 3.555 41 mm (64.0/18.0) Fits as is.
Wade's Geared Extruder
 ? 39 / 11 3.545 41.9 mm (39.0/11.0) Fits as is.
Has hex-bolt-fitting
Greg's Hinged Extruder
or herringbone / fishbone variations
1.5 47 / 9 5.444 42 mm (47.0/9.0) Fits as is.
Has hex-bolt-fitting

For the prototype and tutorial images an industrial type 72/24 was used.


NEMA 17 stepper motor as usual in RepRap projects

Bill of Materials

Quantity Description Type Comments Diagram
1 4 mm plywood or MDF or acrylic with min. 102 x 295 mm LASER
1 Hobbed bolt M8 x 60 (as in Wade's Geared Extruder) Shop
 ? Washer M8 Fastener distribute to center the hobbed position
1 Plastic gear 72 tooth module 0.8 (has to be widened to 8 mm or M8) Shop
(1) Alternative: RepRap big gear 39 tooth from Wade's Geared Extruder RP 39t17p.jpg
1 Plastic gear 24 tooth module 0.8 Shop
(1) Alternative: RepRap small gear 11 tooth from Wade's Geared Extruder RP 11t17p.jpg
2 Ball bearing with flange F608ZZ Shop
1 Ball bearing 605ZZ Shop
1 Steel shaft 5 mm with length 34 mm Shop recommended: shaft with ground surface
1 Steel shaft 5 mm with length 17 mm Shop recommended: shaft with ground surface
2 Pneumatic bulkhead connector/fitting for 4 mm tube Shop
1 PTFE (Teflon™) 4/2 mm tube with length about 2x 30 mm Shop use same as for connecting the hot end
2 Threaded rod M4 with length about 100 mm Fastener length depends on spring and nuts
4 Nut M4 Fastener
4 Screw M3 x 8 Fastener
4 Washer M3 Fastener
2 Wing nut M4 Fastener
(2) Alternative: knurled nut M4 Fastener
(2) Alternative: nut M4 glued in wooden star knob LASER wooden parts for star knob are in new LASER cut files
2 Spring 7 x 5.4 X 35 (or similar) Fastener nearly any spring with an inner diameter greater than 4 mm
1 NEMA 17 stepper motor Shop
Casein glue Misc for wooden parts
2 Component glue (Epoxy) Misc for nuts on the threaded rods and the gear on the stepper motor


Design and LASER cut files at GitHub repository github.com/jkDesignDE/Wood-D


Assembling tutorial as image sequence at wood-d.de/tutorials/tutorial-wood-d-extruder-drive


More infos about the Wood-D project on the blog page wood-d.de (German language)