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Witbox Diamond

Release status: working

Diamond Witbox 1.jpg
bq Witbox Diamond
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Diamond Hotend upgrade guide for bq Witbox

This is the official build guide intended for those who wish to modify the bq Witbox for the Diamond Hotend.
A little warning: this procedure will most likely void warranty on your device, so before proceeding please read this guide thoroughly and be sure you know and understand what you are about to do.

Diamond Witbox blue 1.JPG

Part list

These are the parts needed for upgrading a Witbox (version 1) with the Diamond Hotend. For printed parts see the Thingiverse link at the bottom of this page.


  • 1 x Z-endstop adapter (Z-endstop_holder.stl)
  • 2 x M3x8mm CSK
  • 2 x M3 Nut

Extruder mounts

  • 3 x MK9 extruder mount (MK9_bowden_laser_right.stl)
  • 6 x M3x20mm
  • 1 x 6mm lasercut extruder mount (T_mount.dxf)
  • 2 x M6x20mm CSK
  • 1 x Filament roll holder (Spool_holder_32mm.stl)
  • 1 x Filament roll holder (Spoleholder_T-Mount.stl)

Extruder cable mount

  • 1 x Braided sleeve 30 cm
  • 3 x Cable tie
  • 1 x Cable tie mounting pad


  • 1 x Stepper Expander X1 (or pb ExtrudrBoard as shown in the pictures)
  • 4 x Adhesive PCB spacer (RS: 220-787)
  • 2 x Stepsticks (not needed if using pb ExtrudrBoard)
  • 1 x 2x5P IDC to 2x5P IDC cable from Ramps AUX-2 to Easy Expander, about 10 cm (or 2x5P IDC to 2x7P IDC if using pb ExtrudrBoard) for further information on connections see the page Adding more extruders
  • 2 x Wire from PSU to Easy Expander, about 10 cm
  • 10 x Cable tie (optional)

Witbox Diamond mounting bracket

  • 1 x Witbox Diamond Cooling Shield (Witbox Diamond cooler shield ver3.stl)
  • 1 x Witbox Diamond X-carriage (Witbox Diamond X-carriage ver3C.stl)
  • 3 x M3x10 CSK
  • 5 x M3 nut
  • 1 x M4x30 CSK or M4x25 CSK
  • 1 x M4 nut
  • 1 x Radial blower fan (12 volt / 5015S) (Just use the one from your original bq HeatCore extruder)

Diamond Hotend

  • 1 x Diamond Nozzle 1.7 mm version
  • 3 x E3D LiteV6 with black bowden fitting rings
  • 1 x Thermistor NTC 100k fitted with wire, about 70 cm or more
  • 1 x Heater cartridge (12 Volt / 40 Watt) (Optionally you can use the one from your original bq HeatCore extruder and reuse the wire harness)
  • 1 x Axial fan (12 volt / 50x50 mm / at least 18 CFM)
  • 1 x Screw and wire kit for Diamond Hotend universal mount:
    • 2 x M3x16mm
    • 4 x M3x20 CSK
    • 2 x M3 nut
    • 4 x Cable tie
    • 1 x 2-lead cable with female 2P plug, about 70 cm for fan extension
    • 3 x Diamond thermal insulation sheet (diamond_thermal_isolation.dxf)
    • 1 x Thermal compound
    • 2 x Heat shrink, about 1 cm each for fan extension
  • Optional: Use a pin header Male 2 Pin 2.54 mm spacing (Molex KK or Dupont type) for if you want to reuse the existing wire harness instead of the 2-lead cable from the Screw and wire kit above


  • 3 x MK9 extruder (motor, drivegear, injection molded parts, etc.)
  • 3 x Optional: MK9 extruder motor wiring (may come as separate cables unless factory mounted to the motors)
    • 3 x 4-pin pinheader for soldering onto motor wiring unless already fitted
    • 12 x Heatshrink, about 1 cm for 4-pin pinheaders
  • 3 x Bowden tube OD:4mm, ID:2mm, L:650mm
  • 3 x Model "JPC4-01" bowden tube push fitting for 4mm tube, 3/8" (9.5mm) thread diameter



  • To access the electronics compartment first remove the right side cover by unscrewing the four outer hex bolts on the right side of the Witbox.

Diamond Witbox electronics 1.JPG

  • Then unscrew the smaller hex bolt inside the Witbox.

Diamond Witbox electronics 2.JPG

  • Unscrew the two smallest hex bolts on the frame.

Diamond Witbox electronics 3.JPG

  • Carefully remove the lid of the electronics compartment.

Diamond Witbox electronics 4.JPG

  • Mount the Stepper Expander X1 (or pb ExtrudrBoard) between the RAMPS and the PSU using the adhesive PCB spacers.
  • Connect The Stepper Expander (or pb ExtrudrBoard) to the RAMPS AUX-2 using the 2x5P IDC cable.
  • Add power wiring from PSU to the power input terminals on the Stepper Expander (or pb ExtrudrBoard).
  • This step only applies if using the Stepper Expander X1: While observing the direction insert one stepstick on the vacant position on the RAMPS board and the other stepstick into the Stepper Expander. (The trimpot on a standard A4988 driver should be closest to the power terminals on the Stepper Expander).
  • Adjust the extruder stepsticks (or the motor drivers on ExtrudrBoard) to output 1.2 Ampere. See the link section for a separate guide on the subject of current limiting.
  • Optional: mark the extruder motor cables respectively "A", "B" and "C" in both ends.
  • Feed the cables through the back rear right corner panel.
  • Tie all wirings in the electronics compartment so that no wire are blocking the airflow from the cooling fans down onto the stepper drivers.

Diamond Witbox electronics 10.JPG ExtrudrBoard vs. Stepper Expander Diamond Witbox electronics 10a.JPG


  • Dismount the original bq Heatcore extruder
  • Dismount the x-carriage (release belt tension by loosening the hex bolts holding the pulley on the left of the x-axis)

Diamond Witbox carriage 9.JPG

  • Optional: if you have decided not to switch back to using the original bq HeatCore extruder you may remove the original extruder motor cable. Carefully release the individual wires from the black female 4p Dupont extruder plug connected to the RAMPS board (use the tip of an exacto knife) and cut the cable ties along the cable and you will be able to pull out the wires from the x-carriage end, one at a time. Newer versions of Witbox uses wire chains which can be opened which makes this process much easier.
  • Optional: cut the axial fan wires to about 10 cm length, strip the ends and solder a 2 pin male header onto the ends, remember to slide a piece of heatshrink over each wire before soldering and carefully shrink the tubing around the solder joint using the heat from a lighter flame.
  • Assemble the Diamond Witbox Cooling shield and mount the M3 and M4 nuts into the respective slots (for more detailed description on this procedure please follow the guide on Diamond Hotend).

Diamond Witbox top 1.JPG Diamond Witbox top 3.JPG Diamond Witbox top 4.JPG Diamond Witbox top 5.JPG Diamond Witbox top 6.JPG

  • Your Diamond Witbox Cooling Shield should now look like this.

Diamond Witbox top 7.JPG Diamond Witbox top 8.JPG Diamond Witbox top 9.JPG Diamond Witbox top 10.JPG

  • Print out the new x-carriage part and mount the two M3 nuts into the slots as shown on the pictures below. If they are too loose you may glue them into place and if they are too tight to fit you may heat them into place using a soldering iron like described on the Diamond Hotend page step two.

Diamond Witbox carriage 1.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 2.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 3.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 4.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 5.JPG

  • Attach the new x-carriage to the x-axis, then wrap the belt around the designated belt holder and then retighten the bolts at the belt pulley.

Diamond Witbox carriage 6.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 7.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 8.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 9.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 10.JPG

  • Mount the top part onto the x-carriage using three M3x10 countersunk bolts. Please observe that the thermal insulations does not get stuck anywhere between the two printed parts. Then secure the protruding cables and plugs onto the wire chain.

Diamond Witbox carriage 10a.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 11.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 12.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 13.JPG Diamond Witbox carriage 14.JPG

  • Unscrew the Z-endstop switch at the inner rear if the Witbox and reinstall it onto the adapter using two M3 nuts and two M3x8 countersunk bolts.

Diamond Witbox endstop 1.JPG Diamond Witbox endstop 2.JPG Diamond Witbox endstop 3.JPG Diamond Witbox endstop 4.JPG

  • Remove and cut holes in the back cover according to the instructions on the "Diamond upgrade parts for Witbox" on Thingiverse (see link below).
  • Remount the back cover while feeding the motor cables through the corresponding hole.
  • Slide the braided sleeve onto the motor cables.
  • Mount the lasercut extruder mounting plate onto the rear of the Witbox.
  • Attach the adhesive tie pad.
  • Tie the motor cables onto the tie pad using a cable tie.
  • Assemble the bowden extruders (following the steps on Diamond Hotend).
  • Mount the extruders and connect the motor cables.
  • See "Attaching the bowden tubes" as well as Bowden tube hints section on the Diamond Hotend page.


Part files