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Blog posts

Blog 1

News as it happens

Check here.

Hardware To do:

Blue and White build

Software to do:


  • get skeinforge to generate gcode that doesnt look awful.
  • Get google sketchup to generate STL files. My work in progress here.
  • figure out blender and importing and exporting stl files, also see if there are any CAD addons.
  • figure out why the latest repsnapper isnt generating gcode
  • get blender to work in generating STL files
  • get meshlab to work in producing files that google sketchup can import.

Software done


General to do

  • investigate AMF.
  • investigate higher precision threaded rods as a means of increasing printer accuracy. This could be HUUGE bitch.

Wish list:

  • Print hat for huxley
  • print tie fighter

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