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This template is to be used for wiki pages that violate the source files requirement of the Policy.

To apply this tag to a wiki page, edit the page in question and paste the text, shown in the Example section below, into the top of the wiki page. Then edit the text you just pasted to suit the specific situation.

You should list at least one missing item, and a proposed deletion date in the event that sufficient source files are not provided.

Proposed deletion date is usually three weeks from the time the tag is applied, as stated in the Deletion policy.


{{NotOpenSource | missing = <missing item(s)> | deletedate = <DD/MM/YYYY>}}


{{NotOpenSource | missing = No design files for frame sheets. | deletedate = 01/02/2017}}


Infobox info icon.svg.png Not Open Source

As stated in the RepRap Wiki Policy, a wiki page that describes a product offered for sale must provide source files for that product.

This page is missing at least these item(s)

  • No design files for frame sheets.

There might be more items missing.

If you want to help improve this design, please find source files for these missing items and upload them to this wiki, or link to the repository containing them.

In accordance with the Deletion policy, an admin will review this page in about three weeks to determine if it should be removed or not.

If source files are not uploaded by the proposed delete date, this page will be removed from the wiki.

Proposed delete date: 01/02/2017

Questions about this tag can be addressed on this page's discussion page or on the Administration, Announcements, Policy forum.