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Taulman 3D 618 Nylon Filament (PLA) Co-Polymer = 4-Station-Drawn and Extruded "3D Printing Specific" Nylon based co-polymer. Specifically designed for 3D Printing applications where excellent surface bonding, reduced water absorption, tear resistance and dye absorption are combined in an easy-to-print 3mm/1.75mm line

High Strength, Durability, Pliability and Beauty

For more details, see; [1]


Manufacturer confirms that printers have no issue printing 618 with only adding garolite, tape or wood to the print table.

Heater Settings

Processing Properties - Metric
Print Temperature - 235-260 °C - Part and printer dependent.
Pyrolysis - 350-360 °C

Build Surface

Precision Bond = Machinable Garolite (LE) McMaster Carr PN 8474K141, 8474K151, 8474K161, 8474K171

                  Warning: Keep surface area to the Garolite at a minimum or you will break your part trying to remove it.
                  Garolite is an SRBF - Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric. 
                  The UK equivalent is Tufnol and is a cotton/phenolic resin laminated plastic
                  ...(Whale brand = Medium weave cotton and seems to be the grade of choice)
                  ...perhaps someone should try glue-sticking a cotton handkerchief to their glass bed  :-p
               Secure Bond = Cast Nylon block/sheet
               Secure Bond = 618 printed block/sheet
               Nylon Raft - using a 50% fill cross section with exposed fill crosshatch
               3/8" sheet of Poplar Wood - unfinished - 618 like other nylons bonds well to cellulose fibers.
              Printed Circuit Board - Hobby Style with no copper, just holes spaced at 0.100 centers
               Various Masking/Painting tapes as 618 will stick to the wax backing of these tapes.

++ Manufacturer Advice ++

618 will not print/stick to glass or aluminum print tables. *(see alternate option)
The best table material for a new user is a flat piece of unfinished poplar wood or blue painters tape. These are at all hobby stores or home depots.

618's bonding is best at a true 245C.

++ Alternate Option ++

It has been discovered that good adhesion be obtained via a coating of hobby glue stick. The brand used was UHU, others may suffice.

Initial discovery and use of painters tape - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEPcc92OvZc

Glass - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnIlszxoGEs

Kapton - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glcguSd1Opo

The glue was applied to a heated bed running at 45 degrees celsius (so it dries instantly). A light coating was used, a thick layer is not required. Printing can be done at 40 degrees celcius

Release of the printed product was achieved by applying a small amount of water around the job, which dissolves the glue. Use of a blade or scraper may be required. The print surface can then simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


The material comes in "natural" colour only. It can be dyed. You can use any dye that is "acid based". Most textile dyes and some paper dyes are acid based. These are very light acids on the same pH level as vinegar.




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