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Giles hope you don't mind us hopping in on this page. We seem to be working on it at the same time. Anyway we are just making some guesses on how the software is used as we use it. I kinda like just listing things by Tab but I will keep trying to fit our format into this page as much as I can.

Its great, your work on this page inspires me to write a little bit more each time, I hope you keep doing the same --GilesBathgate 20:54, 11 July 2010 (UTC)

Great program, except for interesting feature whereby ut crashes on attempting to load 'verified' .stl files such as the venerable coathook.stl , when I tried I got a bit further: the machine mved around a bit, attempted to print for a few seconds, then claimed success. This is all on winxp 32bit. Anyone? Is there a repsnapper forum? Attempts to use the reprap java interface got me even less traction. And I thought the hardware was going to be the hard part...