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Ordering and subcategories

The list of 3D printers maintained here appears to have no particular order, with the exception that the popular, direct University of Bath descendant cartesian designs are near the top. I do not consider a good number of the machines to be true RepRaps, in that their parts are either not 3D printed/printable by default, or that the frame members are not standard "hardware store" type of material, in line with the original goals of the project. To that end, I would propose that the non-RepRap Machines get pushed off to a lower heading, and that each category should have an active or inactive development state. For example:

  1. Active RepRap Designs
    • Prusa i3
    • RepRapPro Mendel, Huxley
    • Smartrap
    • etc...
  2. Inactive RepRap Designs
    • Printrbot, Wallace
    • Darwin
    • Sells Mendel
  3. Non-RepRap Designs
    • A few i3 derivatives
    • Ormerod
  4. Commercial, Non-RepRap Designs
    • Eventorbot
    • Cartesio

--Thav (talk) 16:55, 16 February 2016 (PST)