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This is another one of Reifsnyderb's pages that they vandalized in their meltdown over non-standards-compliant clones; all the time filled with this stupid "Haw Haw, I take my ball and go home now, SUCKERS!" rhetoric. I motion we revert it to the version before the vandalism if the information seems interesting to people, or just delete the page.

You can't just un-GPL things. That's in no way how copyright works. Earlier versions of this page clearly state GPL. I'm getting tired of this. I keep wandering into your landmines as I try to use this wiki, and it spoils my day every time. It's unprofessional and mean-spirited. I know you want to kill the RepRap wiki (or is it the whole community?) because you feel slighted, but it's not fair to anyone else and we don't have to take it.

Does anyone have any useful information on this, or any of the GPL technology Reifsnyderb has 'disappeared' in the past? Please post it, or just revert the vandalism. Note that anything GPL or any derivative work of anything GPL is AUTOMATICALLY GPL until it becomes public domain. That's the whole point of viral licenses. Saying it's suddenly closed-source is actually a license violation. Well, for the original creator, it probably wouldn't be a crime (they have all rights automatically), but their claim would still have no legal value, as far as I understand it. The Open Source license gives all people a set of rights, and then declare that you give people, in your new deal, a null set of rights, but they still have the first one because it applies to everyone with no time or space limitations besides the length of the copyright. If anything was ever released, it needs to go back up on this page, and there's nothing Reifsnyderb can do legally (or morally) to stop it. If nothing was released, it was never Open Source to begin with, so the page needs to be deleted like all the other spam pages.

I started out charitable to this person, because they clearly did some very good work for the community and had really bad luck overall; but there's only so much malice against one's peers I can handle. I've just had it with the attacks. Do we have some kind of wiki moderation team that can rule on this kind of childishness? I'd kind of like to see some kind of official "don't do that" or even a definition of vandalism and a clear method to bringing charges of vandalism or other rules violations against somebody we could use here, but it's kind of hard to be official in a decentralized movement.

Again, when you open source something, you are NO LONGER in exclusive control of it. You do not, strictly speaking, own a page on this wiki, even if you wrote it and invented everything on it. Once it's here, as the boilerplate under this edit form says, it can be "edited mercilessly and redistributed at will". You do not, from either a legal or ethical point of view, have the right to destroy communal property, even if you built it. These edits are, at best, merely vandalism, and that's an ugly thing to see someone so clever sink to.

Again, to deflect the inevitable strawman argument: It's OK to leave in a huff. It's OK to never look at a 3D printer or this wiki again, if that's what you want. It's OK to stop helping us. It really is. We lose a good designer, but if you want to leave then that's what's best. It's just not OK to commit petty and pointless acts of sabotage because you feel miserable.

You could change the license on new versions if you want to sell them without releasing information, but you can't do anything about the versions that were GPL, or anything derived from them. That's how Makerbot did it, wasn't it? Matz05 (talk) 20:24, 24 November 2016 (PST)