Spontaneous polymerization resin blends

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Spontaneous Polymerization Resin Blends

There are many dual component polymers available in the market that illustrate this behavior. Most of them are epoxys and are excellent materials as well as versatile. Some dual polymer mixes are in a 1:1 proportion or similar and could be counted in the auto-initiated sub-category of polymers. Nevertheless, for our purposes, both cases have identical applications and usage parameters.

Resins, Oligomers, Monomers

Putty, fast hardening Epoxy

Polyester Resins (Isophthalic, Vinyl Ester, Marine, General purpose, Casting Resin, Surfboard Resin, Gelcoat)

Polyester Resins and Gelcoats at uscomposites

Epoxy Resins and more at Decomp

Epoxy Resins at uscomposites

Polyester Putty and other stuff at uscomposites

Epoxy Resins (Thin coat, thick coat...)

A good website to find all types of monomers and oligomers with their descriptions and properties can be found at this very complete site:

Oligomers at Sartomer.com

Monomers at Sartomer.com

or at

BASF Resins

Catalysts Systems

Monomers, MEK-Peroxide hardener for polyesters

Benzoyl Peroxide hardner for polyesters


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Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Here you will find a short and basic explanation of terms used in all the sections above. If some term used above seems unclear to you, please post a message in the forum and I will see to add the term to this glossary.

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