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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

We spill beer so you don't have to. The name comes from another hobby, home brewing.

The Spillski will be a cartesian printer similar to the Eustathios, ProtoForge, and Herculien. [AluXY]

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Release status: Experimental


More to come.
CAD Models
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Design Goals

The ultimate goal of this project is to have a very high print quality. Speed will be nice to have.

Most of the material will be metal, either aluminum or steal. Parts will be milled, but designed to be printable. Many of the parts are off the shelf (i.e. pillow block bearings) to save time, however this takes more space.

3-way Extuder similar to Richrap's design. A Diamond 3D is purchased but I will need to add extruders and controllers and it may be out of scope. This will also require additional extruder controllers added to the smoothieboard.

Decisions made

It is controlled by the Smoothieboard.

It will have a bowden tube dual drive extruder from Bondtech and will have an E3D V6 hot end.

Will use 1.75mm filament

The base will be heated and move in the Z axis.

It will be enclosed and contain poly-carbonate windows with laser blocking tint.

It will have interchangeable heads to print and/or engrave

It will be CoreXY and be close to the [AluXY] design.


2-3W laser diode 445nM 9mm mounted in a module from DTR laser shop. The driver is a Flexmod P3, and the encoder will be a DAC type setup similar to Dave and John on Hobby CNC forums. Currently a LTC2644 PWN to 12 bit DAC IC is being tested to see if it will perform this function. The L-cheapo was considered, but the design cannot vary the power levels.


The Smoothieboard can be purchased or assembled. Assembling the Smoothieboard is not the easiest for a novice due to the small SMD devices. If you choose this route, note that you will only save ~$25-$30 and some items will have to be re-spec'ed due to obsolescence. Everything can be sourced through digikey except the ethernet port (it has some strange pinout, and can be ordered through E-bay from China) and the play pause button (sparkfun cheap LED button). Also the step drivers require a reflow oven due to the heat sink pad under the chip and the ethernet IC has a ground pad under the IC. I was able to hand solder everything except the step drivers and the ethernet IC. Once the board is assembled the bootloader has to be flashed through the UART connector. After that reflashing is through the Micro SD card.


Designs along with BOMs will be posted on Github. Files will be generated using Solidworks and if needed AutoCAD. Other files will be MS Office 2013. Additional neutral formats will be generated i.e. pdf

Specifications and build instructions will be added as project progresses.

Dimensions are mixed in inches and mm. Some things have to be mm, and I think inches. The conversion to all metric will be considered. Sorry, the USA will probably never convert, and all of my tooling is in inches.