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All 3D files need to be prepared for 3d printing. We call this process slicing. Slicer software creates all the layers and tool paths specifically for your printer. This was possible only on your computer before. Installing the software, handling updates, and fine tuning it can be tedious. Especially for people who more interested printing without any hassle. Also this process can use a lot of resources, making it more difficult on a less powerful computer or laptop.

So we created Slicing in the Cloud, where we offset the process to a cluster of powerful online servers. Here you can upload your files and and get them prepared for printing swiftly and easy. We also think of the expert users, and giving them more power on fine tuning their settings.

And the cost of this service you may wonder? It is absolutely free.

This software is under active development, it is in a very early bate stage. So please except bugs, just let us know we will try to handle them quickly.

The slicing software running in the background is slic3r 0.9.10b

Current features

Expert Mode:

Upload slic3r config file

Upload models

Slice with slic3r 0.0.10b

Download gcode

Model information

Model error detection

Model 3D view

Progress bars for uploading and slicing

Realtime slicing log view

Layer viewer

Planed features:

SVG Download

Preset mode - users can select optimise setups for printing.

Config fine tuning - Give you the chance to modify and change any settings.

Merging Files - Combine multiple files

Multiple Configs - Use multiple config files for printing.

More speed - Right now the slowest part is exporting the sliced data to a gcode file. We want to speed this up.

Fixing files - Fixing files with errors

Multi file slicing - Upload multiple files and slice them separately, with one click.

Support for multiple version of Slic3r

Support for other slicing softwares. (Cura etc...)

R-360 Support

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