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Required Tools for Prusa Mendel

You will need a "standard" toolbox to build and maintain a Prusa Mendel. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Metric allen key / hex wrench set
  • Soldering iron and associated consumables (solder, sponge, wick, etc). This assumes that you will be wiring your own connections. Some 'out-of-the-box' electronics kits & motors still need some connections made. My motor wires came pre-cut, however I extended them for clean routing & strain relief.
  • Dikes/needle-nose pliers/small vice grips. A few different size 'grabbers' will make you a happy hobbyist
  • Measuring device, preferably a set of calipers, but a decent ruler will work
  • Scissors
  • Wire stripper
  • Drill & common bit sizes
  • Wrenches, at least two, adjustable or fixed. Pliers will also work here in some situations.

It is highly recommended to also have:

  • Small files &/or a dremel
  • Loctite or other tread locking liquid (I used 'red' on my frame to keep those big M8 nuts in place)
  • Diagonal pliers side cutters
  • Hacksaw (if you buy uncut smooth rods or support rods. Also may be useful if you need to modify your bolt for wades extruder--but you'll cover that later!)
  • Multimeter for checking connections if your electronics do not come pre-setup/configured
  • Tweezers for removing plastic from the hotend and holding other tiny parts

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