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Replikon Suite

Release status: Concept

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Add, Cast, Machine, Assemble 3 or More Machines
CAD Models
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We seem to focus on a(n) ameoba model. The reprap births a copy of "its" self, gender free. Machinists know that while the lathe has the highest potential for self-replication / self-reproduction that as specialized tools, no machine tool can make all the diverse feature, that is, execute all the diverse operation required to machine all the diverse features, of every part of itself, so that in more recent year we read in the literature of self-reproducing machine-tool work cells or suites. To that goal I have conceived 1) a notation visualizing work flow, control, and energy supply at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels; and 2) a data structure at the nanodescriptive level whereby a new format of CAD description leads directly to G&M code operating machinery to self-reproduce, and I hope this is helpful:

1) A Person plots as a diamond and in an "org=chart", an organization chart, accepts information and control top-down... but wait! There's more! Resources, be they renewable, nonrenewable, or energy or power, flow bottom-up. And work-flow is left to right, be it a flow of information, resources, or materiel. A diamond indicates closure in the axes, indepndent of Information, Energy, and Matter, from above, below, and left-to-right.

1.1) The global economy is so closed; proof being that it continues to grow and to serve People.

1.2) The scale is 32x2x or nearly 8 billion People.

1.3) Machines requiring an input of control, a feed of materiel, and a supply of energy, which output processed goods or finished parts are notated as truncated diamonds, or octagons, truncated proportionally to their degree of closure.

1.4) A machine or machine suite, that is a few machine inside a notation, if capable of making all its own parts, is notated as a diamond truncated above and below, requring control and energy, with points left and right, indicating closure.

2) The data structure avoids huge numbers of zeroes otherwise present in a multidimensionsal (5-9 D) tensor by subscripting varying length vector perpendicular to each other in a non-visualizable form extending beyond 3D, a draft of which is just today, Junde 5, 2018, as:

Machines per Suite

Coordinate System of Machine from List

Origin of Machine Coordinate System

Orientation of Machine Coordinate System

Parts per Machine in Technological Order of Assembly per Machine

Part Material from List of Unmodified Vitamins, Additive Minerals, or Subtractive Foods

Part Coordinate System

Origin of Part Coordinate System in Machine Coordinate System

Orientation of Part Coordinate System in Machine Coordinate System

Location of Part in Machine Coordinate System

Orientation of Part in Machine Coordinate System

Features per Part in Technological Order of Manufacture

Feature Coordinate System from List

Origin of Feature Coordinate System in Part Coordinate System

Orientation of Feature Coordinate System in Part Coordinate System

Location of Feature in Part Coordinate System

Orientation of Feature in Part Coordinate System

Feature Gender Additive or Subtractive Sorted Add Cast Then Subtract

Feature Size

Tool Size

Number of Cuts

Where Vitamins are as we have read, externally imported unmodifed parts,

Minerals are a feed of meltable additive feeds be they cast or 3D printed / welded, and

Food is "digested" by classical subtractive machining in a workflow of:

Print/Weld/Cast or Cut from Stock ProtoParts;

Subtractively Finish Machine, adding Features to ProtoParts;

Permanently Install Bearings, Bushings, etc. to ProtoParts,

Assemble in Stage to Build Machines,

Operate Machine to Produce Patterns for Castings,

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat.

And this is what I have, Today, 5 June 2018.

D. Goncz