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What is a RepRap Union?

RepRap Union is an offshoot of the Loaner Program, but a little more restricted. This program was started by SpaceXULA after finding out that 1/2 of the sets he had printed and sold had not been assembled, or much less replicating. RepRap bank is concerned with speeding replication.

How is a RepRap Bank different than the Loaner Program, or someone selling parts on Ebay?

The RepRap Union has terms on who gets the parts, and "deposit" to get the parts. Terms are set to spur Replication.

How to join, or form a Union

-To form a Union, edit this page and add your terms.

-To join a Union, go to that Union's wiki page, and add your name to their Applicant section. The proprietor of the bank will contact you in accordance with how they run their Union.

SpaceXULA's Union Terms

The "Costs"

-To receive parts you must have Hackerspae or group with multiple members (And have some way to confirm this to SpaceXULA's satisfaction).

-You must promise to form a bank once you have an operating RepRap.

-You must pay a deposit before parts are sent.

The Benefits

-SpaceXULA promises to support you though to completion of your project, you are getting a relationship. You get the parts, and if you need more parts because you break them, or the design changes before you can get your own printer operational, he will provide them.

-If SpaceXULA receives a set of parts back from you within 1 month of the day you receive the parts, he will PayPal back to you $50 dollars ($100 minus $15 dollars for shipping, and $2 per sheet in).

To join go to SpaceXULA's Union page