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RepRap Toolheads

Thermoplast Extruder v2.0

main: Category: Working Extruders for a list of working thermoplast extruders.
main: Category: Extruders for more information about a wider variety of extruder ideas.

This is the hot center of the machine. It can melt a variety of plastics and extrude them out in a thin stream to form a line. Put enough of these lines side-by-side end-to-end and you get a layer in a shape. Stack those up and you have an object. That's additive manufacturing, and it's the whole principle of RepRap.

For the original plastic extruder, Read how to build the plastic extruder here.

Paste Extruder v0.1

main: Category: Paste Extruders

The paste extruder will be used to extrude a variety of paste-type materials that can be used as structural support and for other purposes. It is currently under development so its design will change. But it works and it can be built now.

For the original paste extruder, Read more about the paste extruder here.

tool heads for other melty materials

Powder Printer

Powder Printer

Spool Head


Pick and Place ToolHead

Pick and Place ToolHead

Future Toolheads

There are many toolheads left to be developed. We still need lasers, metal deposition heads, milling heads, and all sorts of other heads that have yet to be dreamed up. Check it out!

Read more about our future toolhead ideas.

Old designs

These designs have now been superseded: