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RepArm mk1

Release status: experimental

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Simple cartesian robotic arm built from standard RepRap components
CAD Models
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The RepArm project is an attempt to create a robotic arm using typical RepRap components, while still trying to achieve sufficient rigidity and accuracy while keeping costs down and thereby providing an open source alternative to other popular robot arm projects such as the Dobot, Makerarm and other, more expensive and closed source robotic arms.

If others are interested in the project, several arm configurations could be designed using various different components and types of fabrication. This could include SCARA-type robots, articulated robots, adding more axis, using non-3d printed components such as milled or lasercut structural parts and so forth.

On top of the mechanical assembly, adaptions can be made to the Marlin firmware in order to provide an optimized software experience and make it easier for others to build, calibrate, use and expand the RepArm.

The goal is to create a robot arm that will be usable for experimentation and research while still being affordable enough to be aqcuired by non-professionals. Ideally, some version of RepArm will also eventually be refined enough to be used in some sort of productive environment.

Videos of RepArm

Available from

Parts can be bought separately from several individual suppliers on various sites such as eBay or sourced locally.

Kits will be made available if the project gains any kind of meaningful traction

Build instructions

Detailed build instructions will eventually be available on along with CAD files and firmware

RepArm mk1 build instructions

Legacy versions

Version 1:

Questions, ideas or critiques

All related inquiries are welcome: [email protected]