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R_360_Open Documentation
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R-360 Open

Release status: unknown


R-360 is the 2nd generation polar printer by Replicator Warehouse. It is the ultimate printer, You can have any size printing area, from 100mm to 2m. Motors rods parts are configurable.
CAD Models
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R-360 Open is a new 3D printer variant based on R-360 and Prusa RepRap. 2nd Generation of R-360 series. It is redesigned from bottom up to be configurable to any size using any parts*


This project is merging the ideas of the great Reprap Prusa 3 with the R-360 to achieve the ultimate 3D printer. The plastic parts are designed to be minimalistic in term of printing time. The 3D files will be completely configurable so you can choose your printing volume and rod, bolt thicknesses, motors bearings, etc.... The default size will be 300mm disc and 400mm height printing volume. But you can easily set values from 100mm to 2m or more. Any combination will be possible. (like 200mm disc with 500mm height or the other way around.


  • Large printing volume
    • 200mm to 2000mm depends on configuration
      • Configurable options
  • High speed printing
  • Heated Bed
  • Modern 32bit Controller
  • Dual Extruder
  • Lead-screws
  • Planning to support 3D scanning by Duplicator
  • Configurable Printing Volume
  • Configurable Rods and Bolts, Motors

Release Date

End of 2014 - Alpha Spring of 2015 - Beta Summer of 2015 - Gold


Complet openScad design

  • Printed Parts: ~15
  • Non-Printed Parts: under 100
  • Cost: 350 - 2000 USD depending configuration
  • Printing Size default: 300mm disc 400mm height default. Configurable from 100mm to 2m
  • Precision: under 0.01mm (position/printing)
  • Speed: up to 250mm/s positioning, up to 150mm/s printing


Development hosted on github

Printed Parts

The development of the R-360-Open is hosted on github: https://github.com/kory75/R-360-Open-3D-Printer


The development of the R-360 Firmware for 32 bit controller hosted on github To be confirmed

Printer Scanner Software

Duplicator Printer Scanner software is hosted on github. Currently pre Alpha. https://github.com/kory75/Duplicator