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Who's Who

Names in brackets are online nicknames, used particularly in IRC.

Malcolm Napier (alianmac)
Our glorious leader
Director of E-mpirical "Unleashing Hidden Potential"
Hannah Napier (napihann)
Builder of a RepStrap and a RepRap.
Mike Beardmore (mikethebee)
Helping the ether spread the good news of TVRRUG
Alan Wood (folknology)
Electronics expert.
Designer of the TV RepRap [[../TheTVPrusa/e-modules|e-modules]]
Chris Roberts (chrisjrob)
Linux GNUt.
Hugo Mills (dark*)
Owner of the IRC channel and baudot, the IRC logging bot.
Overlord of git.
Jacqui Caren (JacquiCaren)
Software Engineer