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Electronics Focus Meeting

Seven of us met up at Pinewood to make plan for the E-module build. The Slot Raceway was our initial meeting place and then we moved to the cafe/bar (as people will notice in the video).

We reviewed the spaces available at the Raceway, the back room was hosting a new stock car track build team and the area had been cleared by decanting stuff to the front room. I understand this is a temporary situation, but we were able to see the spaces suggested by the PR Nigel and Paul.

When it comes to a workshop, we will need to ensure the area chosen will be clear.

Ian Stratford brought his RepRap which was very valuable as a reference in the discussions around, colour, rod, printed parts and some points raised in this weeks IRC sessions.

Al Wood walked us through the electronics, having just received the PCB's:

The design is impressive, a credit to Al and the contributions by many others. He now has to build a test module set and conduct a series of sanity checks to ensure the boards work as intended.

He will be testing them on the TVRR design to ensure compatibility with our motor, heater, sensors choices.This will take a few weeks, then we can start building the modules en-masse.

In the meantime we need to ascertain which members would like to practice soldering and at what level. We can then arrange some workshop sessions to suit these needs, Al is experienced at running such sessions.He has also found an alternative very low cost source of 'equipment' and these items will be available for people to buy from Al.

Finally we discussed the challenges for Malcolm in handling payments both in & out and maintaining an appropriate audit trail. The suggestion is to use PayPal.

The topics covered in this meetup will be brought to everyone at the Copa meeting next Tues.