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This page is for information about the PSU Unit Gold, which is under construction. This unit will follow the design of the Ohm 9.3. All of the printable parts were printed in PLA and assembled. Started from January, 2013. Four Gold team members, Yande Liu, David Blyton,Carina Chu and Edger built most of the Printer. The Frame of the printer has been finished, All the electronic parts have been finished. The only things left are the open-x.

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Silver Silver Under Construction Ohm RAMPS RAMPS 1.4 Not included Undetermined Need to be finished.

Works in Progress

Parts needed:

Main Gear and small gear on the extruder.


Thermal couple.

Temperature censor unit.

Works need to be done

All the electronics need to be connected.

Three end stop need to be mounted.

The arduino board should be mounted on to the frame.

Open-X need to be assembled.

Thermal couple and temperature censor need to be mounted.

All the parts need to tested.

The bed needs to be leveled.

Belt for Open-Y needs to be mounted

All the parts needed to finish Unit Gold is in the Box under the table under Unit Alpha



Frame: Yande, Carina, David, Edger

Electronics: Yande


The only part on the frame that is not Gold colored is one carriage on Open-Y. Replace that part to make the printer purely GOLD

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